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Review: All Rhodes Lead Here by Mariana Zapata.

All Rhodes Lead Here All Rhodes Lead Here by Mariana Zapata
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was from the beginning a rollercoaster of events: funny and a little crazy,yet i did not expect it to happen exactly like that,and i mean how Aurora and Rhodes met.
Like all of this author's stories this one was full of ups and downs ,full of awkward moments-ones i enjoyed reading about and heartbreaking moments,this one because of the main character struggle to cope with what happened to her mother and all those little things that happened in between.

I really liked it and i started to enjoy reading about grumpy characters like Rhodes,because ,step by step, once he started warming up to Aurora ,it was beautifull.And i gotta admit that in the past i didn't like reading about characters like him..But,oh well,things change ,right?

And Aurora?She was the type of characters that you don't expect,she appears into your life suddenly and changes everything from the beginning.My kind of character and i wish i could be like her,even if that means, i'm sure, i'll annoy everyone in my life .Hehe.
Amos?Sneaky little guy.I laughed out loud when i've read the chapter when Aurora and Rhodes met,mainly because Amos was involved and well,it was funny how everything started.Well,he was punished ,a lot,but let's just say this kid deserved an award,even if what he did wasn't okay.Shy or not ,he was the one who helped Aurora the most.

The rest?Like i said above it was an rollercoaster of events-exactly the type of events that should make you laugh like crazy and some sad moments-the type that makes you appreciate what you have in real life.
Beautiful story,well written and amazing characters-exactly how i like it.

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