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Review:Saving Everest by Sky Chase.

From the outside, Everest has it all, but there’s only one person who can see him for who he truly is . . . and it changes his life forever.

In this tender, poignant debut novel by newcomer Sky Chase, two teenagers on the cusp of adulthood learn to embrace life in ways neither of them ever anticipated.

Everest is the most popular boy in school. He’s handsome, wealthy, and captain of the football team—he has the world at his fingertips, but he’s desperately unhappy. And when those feelings become too much to bear, he tries to take his own life.

On the surface, Beverly’s different from Everest in every possible way. She’s quiet, shy, hard working, and keeps to herself on campus, focusing on her schoolwork and her part-time job, distracting herself from her less-than-perfect upbringing.

When Everest returns to school after his attempt, he’s in more pain than ever. Discarded by his friends, he draws little empathy and too much attention from those who surround him. But when Beverly and Everest meet unexpectedly in a dusty corner of the old library, they discover together just how rich life can be when given the freedom to just be yourself.


I received this e-galley from Wattpad Books via Netgalley.Thank you so much!

This is the second time when i start to read this book.The first time was on Wattpad but i stopped(i don't remember why), and now after i received this e-galley i thought to myself that i have to read it and see how Everest's story ends.

When you have it all,or at least that's how people think about you,doing something as reckless as trying to commit suicide is not something people will forget about.They don't care about you or what drove you to that point.
Well,Saving Everest is that kind of story that makes you think about how lucky you are right now with what you have in your life and how bad it could be.
What made me finish reading this book was the way things started to happen:how Beverly entered Everest's life and step by step started to change it.How things evolved and became something more,something that managed to make me like this story.

Yeah,i have to admit that it could have been much better,but somehow i got to the point where i started to think that it could have been much worse.
This type of story,the ones who reach deep inside your heart ,are the ones who can make you feel a lot of things.The type of story that make you realize that what you have right now maybe is not peferct,but it could be much worse.

I liked the friendship that started between Beverly and Everest.Something everyone should have in real life,someone you can count on and someone who can be there when you need him/she to be.
Overall,the story was good and it described perfectly how someone,a friendship,could save your life and how much it means.

Beverly,well,she was the kind of character you can't hate.Always happy and always taking care of everyone else.She was pretty much my favorite and i liked how she managed to enter Everest's life and became his best friend.
Everest.Damn,i don't really know how to say this,but how can a character like him do something like that?Eh,probably i will never understand what was behind all that suicide act,but the author described the why and i think i understand a little(i'm not sure).Everest,yeah,i liked.I would have loved to get a glimpse of the old Everest,the one before the big event,but it's ok.

There were a lot of characters that made this story much better and with every chapter everything evolved.What i liked here the most was the fact that even if this story didn't have many roller coasters ,somehow managed to keep me on my toes and it kept me wondering what could happen next.

So,if there will be an next book,in the future,i will read it..Even if it won't be about Beverly and Everest.

Goodreads: Saving Everest .

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