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Review: All Rhodes Lead Here by Mariana Zapata.

All Rhodes Lead Here All Rhodes Lead Here by Mariana Zapata
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was from the beginning a rollercoaster of events: funny and a little crazy,yet i did not expect it to happen exactly like that,and i mean how Aurora and Rhodes met.
Like all of this author's stories this one was full of ups and downs ,full of awkward moments-ones i enjoyed reading about and heartbreaking moments,this one because of the main character struggle to cope with what happened to her mother and all those little things that happened in between.

I really liked it and i started to enjoy reading about grumpy characters like Rhodes,because ,step by step, once he started warming up to Aurora ,it was beautifull.And i gotta admit that in the past i didn't like reading about characters like him..But,oh well,things change ,right?

And Aurora?She was the type of characters that you don't expect,she appears into your life suddenly and changes everything from the beginning.My kind of character and i wish i could be like her,even if that means, i'm sure, i'll annoy everyone in my life .Hehe.
Amos?Sneaky little guy.I laughed out loud when i've read the chapter when Aurora and Rhodes met,mainly because Amos was involved and well,it was funny how everything started.Well,he was punished ,a lot,but let's just say this kid deserved an award,even if what he did wasn't okay.Shy or not ,he was the one who helped Aurora the most.

The rest?Like i said above it was an rollercoaster of events-exactly the type of events that should make you laugh like crazy and some sad moments-the type that makes you appreciate what you have in real life.
Beautiful story,well written and amazing characters-exactly how i like it.

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Review: Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin by Mariana Zapata

Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin by Mariana Zapata
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In the past ,i admit this with my heart full of regret and shame,i've had bad luck with books about music,so i tried to avoid them in order to keep myself sane and so i could keep reading romance books.Don't get me wrong,i love music,but when it comes to stories about musicians with that "you know who i am" attitude i tend to remind myself that i can do better,that i can read stories-amazing stories-about anything else. So,i tried to avoid them.. And,BANG,here comes Rhytm,Chord and Malykhin.Not exactly like i expected.And,in a way ,i know now that i should try again and not judge books by genre or if it has " music" in the description .And i will,because i tried to read this book...Heck,i've read this book and i laughed the whole time because it was pretty much amazing and funny.From the beginning until the end..I'm writing this remembering what happened with two characters and i can't stop myself from laughing out loud.Luck or not,this one was good.

This book is the kind of book you should read if you want to laugh out loud, smile and wish to forget about anything else for a few hours. The kind of book full of crazy, amazing and funny characters. The kind of book that, even with the ups and downs, managed to make me wish for friends like those crazy guys, even Eli,but mainly Sacha.

Oh,well,if you want to know more ...You should read this book .

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Review:Ruing and Rising (The Shadow and Bone Trilogy #3) by Leigh Bardugo.


The capital has fallen.

The Darkling rules Ravka from his shadow throne.

Now the nation's fate rests with a broken Sun Summoner, a disgraced tracker, and the shattered remnants of a once-great magical army.

Deep in an ancient network of tunnels and caverns, a weakened Alina must submit to the dubious protection of the Apparat and the zealots who worship her as a Saint. Yet her plans lie elsewhere, with the hunt for the elusive firebird and the hope that an outlaw prince still survives.

Alina will have to forge new alliances and put aside old rivalries as she and Mal race to find the last of Morozova's amplifiers. But as she begins to unravel the Darkling's secrets, she reveals a past that will forever alter her understanding of the bond they share and the power she wields. The firebird is the one thing that stands between Ravka and destruction—and claiming it could cost Alina the very future she’s fighting for.


“They wanted a Grisha queen. Mal wanted a commoner queen. And what did I want? Peace for Ravka. A chance to sleep easy in my bed without fear. An end to the guilt and dread that I woke to every morning. There were old wants too, to be loved for who I was, not what I could do, to lie in a meadow with a boy’s arms around me and watch the wind move the clouds.”

Forget about what i've wrote in the first review-if you can say that it was one.Forget about all the things i said about the Darkling-yes,i was fascinated and i wanted him to change and be good.And ,forget about all those bad words i said about Mal.I can change my mind if i want..Yes,yes,i can.

From the beginning of this series i thought that this story was special and unique,full of surprises and strong characters,full of adventures and mind-blowing moments..Everything was exactly like i wrote above,but i honestly admit that i regret the fact that i never got the chance to read about a character i loved-yet,my feelings changed step by step and transformed into something i still don't understand,because in a way everything started to make sense and that character started to be exactly what he was: a villain.Yes,i wished something huge and something amazing would happen ,but it seems like for this story to be amazing everything had to happen exactly like it happened.

In this book Alina's faith is tested,making her wish for something more,something that could help her stop the Darkling and something that could save the entire Ravka.But somehow everything is a challenge and the Darkling is determined to have her and the third amplifier with all costs.Yet,nobody knows where the third amplifier is,nobody suspects where it could be,even with Mal's great tracking skills..What if the amplifier is right in front of them?What if in order for Alina to have all the amplifiers someone she loves has to die?What if...

This whole book was crazy complicated and it drove me insane,cause i hoped for something that i knew that was impossible,yet at the same time i started to understand everything better than before.And,i admit that at some point i was a little shocked and then angry and then i accepted everything that happened.The first time i've read this book i was angry because of what happened to the Darkling(Like i said i was fascinated)..and then i was angry because of what happened to Nikolai..But,let's just say that i got over it now and my mind reacted like this:Okay,this had to happen..Okay,Nikolai,i'm sorry but..Nvm..

In the past i was dissapointed because of the way this book ended,but my opinion changed and right now i'm glad that it wasn't worse and  we get the chance to read about how everything happened and what happened after the final battle.Overall,this series was fantastic and mind-blowing.Many surprises.Betrayals.Fantastic stories about the Grisha's,mainly about Mozorova.Fiction,i know,but i still liked it.This author managed to write something good,something that transformed and turned into something fantastic.

Why i didn't wrote this review before?I honestly don't know.I promised myself that if i ever get the chance to read this series again i will write something about the end of the series.And,here i am,trying to write my jumble-bumble mess that is in my head.Yikes,i know,that doesn't sound good..But bear with me and let's see what it will be in the end.

Alina's evolution was very slow at first.She was a girl who never thought she could be powerfull or seen by others.She was someone who wanted to help,but at the same time she wanted to be left alone.She was someone who trusted too much and got burned too many times.But this book,this piece of adventure-the end of everything that started in the first book- was that part of the story where i got the chance to see the real Alina.The girl who wanted something so much she fought for it until the end.She evolved into someone worthy of her title.And i liked that..There were times when i hated her a little..She was easy to manipulate(Ex:The Darkling and his way of seducing her).Obssesive-when she found out she chould have all three amplifiers.Naive.And..a little drama queen.But she was a soul who saw too much darkness despite her power.

"You are all I've ever wanted," he said. "You are the whole of my heart.” 

Mal?Ha,i think i know what i want to write about him ..BUT..I won't ramble like a lunatic.Just a little,i promise!Malyen Oretsev,such a strange character..Well,he was at the beginning.Right now?I think he was the only character in this story who wanted something from the beginning until the end -without doubt,without flinching,without any remorse-even if that meant he had to go through hell to get what he wanted.I know,it sounds a little strange the way i wrote it,but i think -and it seems that it took me a while to understand this- Mal was there for Alina from the beginning until the end.And yet..The whole crazy "i'm good for you but he is better" story,something that drove me crazy,because despite all those moments when i wanted to strangle Mal at some point i started to like him..Well, he was a little immature and dramatic with the whole "i'm not good for you because you could have a prince" thing and all those "bad" moments he had in the first books,but ,well,he could've been worse,right?And,no,i didn't want him to dissapear or to die.I wanted him there and i wanted him to succeed,to show everyone that he wasn't that bad.Ha,i know..He grew on me.Yikes.

“Being around Nikolai was always like this, watching him shift and change, revealing secrets as he went. He reminded me of the wooden nesting dolls I'd played with as a child. Except instead of getting smaller, he just kept getting grander and more mysterious.”

Nikolai...Why ,oh,why?This character was like a freaking boomerang from the beginning,in a good way.Fantastic,charming and a little crazy.Good manners and a brilliant mind.The perfect character for this kind of story,yet behind all those "crazy moments and brilliant mind" there was a story,something nobody knew and ,in a way,something that won't be revealed,not entirely.I adored him and hoped to get the chance to read more about him..And when i got to that chapter,the chapter that made me change my mind about the Darkling(Well,not entirely.I started to change my mind about him in the second book),i was shocked and i didn't believe what i was reading.But ,in my heart,i knew ,and i hoped, that the future will bring something good and fantastic for him.

 “None of them were easy or soft or simple. They were like me, nursing hurts and hidden wounds, all broken in different ways. We didn't quite fit together. We had edges so jagged we cut each other sometimes, but as I curled up on my side, the warmth of the fire at my back, I felt a rush of gratitude so sweet it made my throat ache. Fear came with it. Keeping them close was a luxury I would pay for. Now I had more to lose.”

And there were Genya,Zoya,David,Tamar,Tolya and all the rest.Characters that at first i didn't like,but step by step i started to enjoy reading about them.Characters that turned out to be better and an important part of this crazy story.There were more,i know,yet i can't make myself write about them.This adventure was full of great and amazing characters-some who never got the chance to see the end and some who were there until the end.I know,i know,it wasn't real,but it could be if you want it to be.Ha.My mind is a strange place.

“I will tell you a story, one I used to tell to a little boy with dark hair. A silent boy who rarely laughs, who listened more closely than I realized. A boy who had a name and not a title”

And here comes the moment when i write about someone who i wished he had a different end,a different path,because,like Nikolai,he was charming and powerfull,arrogant and ambitious.Someone who was raised to think that he should never be a slave,someone who fought for everything he wanted,even if it was wrong.And,yes,this is about the Darkling.A character who was fascinating ,but someone who step by step changed and i started to see exactly who he was or what he was: a monster.I never write about the villains in my reviews,i try to keep it strictly about the characters i like,but..Like i said above ,at some point i was fascinated by him and i hoped for a better ending for him.This villain?Charming and cunning,i might say one of the best.Ah,i have to stop,because i don't want to change my mind about him.Not again.Never again.

When i started writing this "whole crazy mess" that i liked to call a review,i never thought that i had so much to write,because the first time i tried to write i didn't  understand what really happened in this book and i wrote things i shouldn't write.Now?I got to the point where i want to write more and more about this story.And if i start i won't stop until i'm old and gray,something that i do not wish yet to happen.Haha.

I know,this is confusing and i wrote way too much about the characters and a little about the whole story,but i don't want to give too many spoilers and i'm not sure i can write something without spoilers.And i want to stop right now,right here.Because i want you to read this story and make your own opinion.Trust me.Read it ASAP.Or try to read it before you see the tv show.

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Recenzie:Festinul Ciorilor (Saga Cantec de Gheata si Foc #4) de George R.R. Martin


Dupa lupte grele si tradari fatale, cele sapte puteri care isi disputau Westeros s-au nimicit una pe alta si au ajuns la un pact indoielnic. Odata cu moartea monstruosului rege Joffrey, regenta Cersei conduce din Debarcaderul Regelui. Infrangerea lui Robb Stark ii descurajeaza pe rebelii din Nord si familia lui se imprastie ca semintele pe un pamant neroditor in tot regatul. Nu mai exista decat putine pretentii legitime la Tronul de Fier, iar acestea sunt in mainile celor fie prea slabi sa le obtina, fie aflati pe meleaguri indepartate.


Volumul patru din aceasta serie ne-a adus si mai multe intrigi si comploturi,insa de data asta am avut sansa sa citim totul din punctul de vedere a altor personaje.Personaje indragite dar si personaje pe care unii dintre noi,cel putin in cazul meu,nu le pretuim chiar asa de mult.
Un volum destul de mare,cu pagini pline de nebunia unor nesabuiti insetati de putere .Un volum plin ,asa cum am mai scris sus,intrigi si comploturi.Tradare,mult sange si disperare extrema de a ramane la putere.
Se pare ca,intr-un fel ,am fost obisnuita sa citesc despre Jon,Daenerys ,Tyrion si Bran,asa ca acest volum a fost un pic mai greu de citit pentru mine.Nu pot sa imi dau seama de ce,mai ales ca este vorba despre exact aceeasi lume.

Totusi,la fel ca si primele trei capitole,Festinul Ciorilor a fost o nebunie curata.O lupta pentru putere,dar ne arata si faptul ca chiar si cel in care crezi ca ai incredere cel mai mult te poate trada intr-o secunda.Ne arata cum o Ragina isi poate influenta supusi sa faca absolut tot ceea ce isi doreste ea.Cum viclenia unui singur om poate schimba complet viitorul altor personaje.
Cersei si Jaime Lannister..Ei,bine,nu ma asteptam la capitole din punctul lor de vedere,insa pana la sfarsitul cartii nu imi venea sa cred cat de mult s-au schimbat cei doi.Totul a fost un rollercoaster si faptul cei doi au ajuns sa se indeparteze mi-a schimbat parerea despre Jaime.A inceput sa imi placa de el,de felul in care gandea si ,chiar daca este tot un Lannister,am ajuns sa-l consider unul dintre personajele care merita sa-i dai o a doua sansa.
Cersei?La fel de manipulatoare,insa trebuie sa recunosc ca are acel fel de gandire care pare genial,dar si cand greseste ,totul se destrama.

Am fost surprinsa de capitolele lui Brienne.Recunosc,am ajuns sa cred ca din toata cartea,Brienne este singura care macar avea un scop destul de mare.Un scop care ii dadea putere sa mearga inainte,pe cand toti ceilalti se luptau intre ei si se tradau reciproc.

Cartea este plina de surprize.Unele minore,altele majore.Cele majore au avut tendinta sa ma suprinda atat de tare incat la un moment dat am ajuns sa vorbesc singura
As putea sa scriu mai mult.Despre calatoria lui Samwell Tarly ca sa devina Maester .Despre Insulele de Fier si batalia pentru tron.Acele capitole au fost un pic ciudate si am incercat sa le citesc cat mai repede.Despre transformarea celor doua fete Stark in personaje mult mai interesante.Si multe altele,insa o sa ma opresc aici cu gandul ca poate o sa aveti sansa sa cititi acest volum si o sa va dati seama singuri la ce ma refer.

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Review:Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1) by Marissa Meyer.

Humans and androids crowd the raucous streets of New Beijing. A deadly plague ravages the population. From space, a ruthless Lunar people watch, waiting to make their move. No one knows that Earth’s fate hinges on one girl. . . . Cinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg.

She’s a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness. But when her life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s, she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle, and a forbidden attraction. Caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal, she must uncover secrets about her past in order to protect her world’s future.


“Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time.”

Oh,oh..Why,oh,why did i stop reading this series?I wonder why?Yikes,when i decided to re-read Cinder i was a little excited and afraid:
1.Despite the fact that i've read this book before i couldn't remember why i gave it 3,5 stars.Now i know,but i gave it a little more.
2.I've read a few reviews and let's just say that i want to read the next books.Huh.
3.Fairytales?Well,those are my favorites and i love it when authors try to use them and write something amazing.Something good.
This one was good but it could have been brilliant.

And why not a cyborg Cinderella?Creative writing and a good imagination.The best combination.

I admit that in the past i thought that this book wasn't for me,expecially after reading it once and stopped there with the story without any thoughts about reading the next book.Well,it wasn't bad bad and i gave it 3,5 stars...I think.So why did i stopped?Right now i'm angry at myself for being so distracted and thoughtless.
But..That was in the past.Now?

The whole book was a rollercoaster.Cinderella recreated in something more dangerous and a little crazy.Cyborgs.Androids .Humans.Crazy people who thought they were better than others(Now,this is about Adri and Pearl.Hah,now i remember that girl's name).And Lunars.
Now i wonder..Are they real?Lunars?Yikes..Joking.

And there is Cinder.Whose life is a mystery.Well,her past is a mystery,but step by step everything changes for her.And i was happy,thrilled and overjoyed ..Until the story got tragic and my joy dissapeard.Hah,yeah,that's how i know this story is good.Good and Bad.Happiness and sadness.Good things and...Lunars.Couldn't help myself i had to write that.

But overall,the story was good and it had some action( a little ,not much),tragic moments,good evolution,twisted situations and the whole bang.

But,despite the whole gibberish i wrote abovei expected more .I wanted a little more action,i wanted to feel like i couldn’t breath until i’ve read what was happening next.I know,it was better like this,but like i said above:i could have been brilliant.The plot was perfect and could’ve been twisted in a different way,somehow to make you think that it was the best book you ever read.
One thing i’m certain: i liked was how Kai and Cinder met,the istant friendship and whole "guest of honor" thing at the ball,even if everything got crazy at some point and everything got twisted.Well,it was fun to read about them together,I got my wish, it wasn't exactly what i had in my mind,but it could have been worse.

What happened to Peony broke my heart.She was a sweet character who was good to Cinder,i think the only character,besides Kai.It had to happen ,right?Well,not sure about that,because i liked her and her death was heartbreaking.

And Iko!Oh,my,how could i forgot about her.Android or not,Iko proved she was a good character whom i adored.She was fun to read about and i hope i can read about her more.
Lies,Betrayals.And one evil queen and her minions.

If you wonder why i wrote that..Well,let's just say Queen Levana is a heartless character,whom i disliked from the beginning.Well,that's explains it,right?Ha,i wish.Adri is a peach compared to Levana,something that shocked me at first.
Well,it seems that this time i enjoyed reading this book and i want to know what will happen with Cinder,Kai and the rest.
The left me wondering what could happen next and what will CInder do about everything that she discovered about her past.But,that,i will find out only if i read the next book,right?Well,that’s waht i want to do and i’m going to do right now.

Goodreads: Cinder
Elefant: Cinder
Editura Epica: Cinder

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Recenzie:Iuresul Sabiilor (Saga Cantec de Gheata si Foc #3) de George R.R. Martin

Dintre cei cinci rivali pentru putere, unul este mort, altul, cazut in dizgratie, dar razboaiele continua sa se dezlantuie cu furie, iar aliantele se fac si se desfac. Joffrey ocupa Tronul de Fier, stapanitor nelinistit al Celor Sapte Regate. Dusmanul sau cel mai inversunat, Lordul Stannis, e infrant si dezonorat, iar tanarul Robb inca domneste peste Nord din fortareata Riverrun. Intre timp, Daenerys, regina exilata si stapana ultimilor trei dragoni, strabate continentul scaldat in sange. In vreme ce fortele rivale pun la cale infruntarea finala, o armata de creaturi barbare soseste de la capatul lumii civilizate, insotita de oastea mortilor-vii, ale caror starvuri insufletite sunt de nestavilit. Nimeni nu-si va gasi odihna pana cand Cele Sapte Regate nu vor intra intr-un iures al sabiilor. 


Cand am inceput sa citesc acest volum am avut asteptari destul de mari,sperante ca o sa citesc mai mult despre personajele mele preferate si ca o sa am parte de mai multa actiune.Ei,bine,am avut parte de mai mult decat ma asteptam si tot ceea ce am sperat s-a intamplat,in prim plan moartea unui personaj pe care l-am detestat enorm de mult.
Stiu,suna ciudat,dar chiar nu m-am putut abtine.SI am gandesc ca stiti exact la care personaj ma refer.Hehe.
Din punctul meu de vedere,Iuresul Sabiilor este un volum complex si mai detaliat decat celelalte doua volume.Ofera o actiune care te tine pe varfuri dar in acelasi timp ai parte de suspans care te omoara treptat.
Desi as fi preferat sa citesc mai multe capitole despre Daenerys,am fost surprinsa de capitolele despre Jaime.El este un personaj mai placut decat sora lui si recunosc ca a fost destul de interesant sa citesc mai mult despre el.Am ajuns sa cred ca evoluatia lui este una mult mai buna,intr-un sens bun,ceea ce m-a surprins destul de mult.
S-au intamplat atatea lucruri in acest volum,nici macar nu stiu ce sa mai scriu ,la ce sa ma gandesc sau ce sa simt in acest moment.A fost o carte plina de aventura,nebunie si unele faze amuzante.Am avut parte de putin umor,dar seriozitatea personajelor a fost putin enervanta,mai ales cand era vorba despre Cersei si nevoia ei de a controla absolut tot.Chiar ma mir ca nu am avut parte de capitole din punctul ei de vedere.
Foarte multe personaje bune au murit in aceasta cartel.Personaje rele sau bune.Personaje despre care am citit de la inceputul seriei dar si personaje  care au aparut in acest volum.
Majoritatea personajelor au avut o evolutie foarte buna,desi as fi preferat ca unele sa aiba parte de o transformare mai mare.De data asta ma refer la Sansa.Comparativ cu sora ei cea mica,care este o luptatoare adevarata(da,o consider pe Arya o luptatoare,deoarece ea nu sta sa se planga si nu asteapta sa fie salvata de toata lumea) ,Sansa este genul acela de personaj plangaret care se bazeaza intotdeauna pe alti sa o salveze.Sper ca in urmatoarele volume sa se schimbe ceva la ea.
Cel mai socant moment pentru mine a fost nunta rosie.Desi am vazut partea ecranizata din serial,tot a fost un soc cand am citit despre felul in care au fost tradati cei din casa Stark.
Acest volum este plin de comploturi,tradari si moment cumplite,dar in acelasi timp iti ofera o actiune mult mai complexa:lupta de la Zid,bataliile lui Robb Stark care rege,lupta lui Oberyn cu Clegane si,bineinteles,eliberarea treptata a sclavilor de Daenerys.
Mai sunt foarte multe pesronaje despre care as fi vrut sa scriu.Despre actele curajoase sau lase pe care le-au facut.
-Despre Jon Snow si dorinta lui de a sluji ca un frate in negru la Zid,chiar daca soarta ii pune in cale mii si mii de provocari.As putea sa spun ca destinul lui este unul mai maret decat se asteapta.
-Despre Davos care incearca sa-si slujeasca regele cat mai bine,chiar daca asta inseamna ca ar putea sa piarda totul.
-Despre Degetel,acel om cu mai multe fete care a reusit sa pacaleasca lumea.
-Despre Tyrion si lupta lui pentru supravietuire,chiar daca este un Lannister.
Si multe alte personaje care mi-au aratat ca aceasta lume este plina de oameni care pot fi cumparati foarte usor si oameni care ar fi in stare sa piarda totul doar ca sa obtina ceea ce isi doresc.
Ultimele doua capitole au fost destul de socante,mai ales cel cu Sansa.Dar nu am de gand sa dau prea multe detalii.Poate a fost socant,insa intr-un fel sunt multumita de ceea ce s-a intamplat.
Cartea a avut parte de un sfarsit interesant.Un sfarsit destu de bun,iar eu abia astept sa aflu ce o sa se intample in continuare.

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Recenzie:Inclestarea Regilor( Saga Cantec de Gheata si Foc #2) de George R.R. Martin


Inclestarea regilor este cea de-a doua carte din saga fantasy Cantec de gheata si foc. Povestea continua cu aceleasi dinastii rivale, iubiri, tradari, sfetnici rauvoitori, regi incapabili, un gigantic zid de aparare impotriva unor forte nestiute, bastarzi si dragoni de mult disparuti. Totul se petrece intr-un climat al fratricidului si al incestului, al alchimiei si al crimei.

De la fortareata Piatra Dragonului pana la taramurile amenintatoare din Winterfell, haosul a pus stapanire pe toata suflarea. Raceala dura a iernii se apropia ca o bestie infuriata. Cei doi conducatori care asigurasera linistea taramului, Lordul Eddard Stark si Regele Robert Baratheon, au cazut prada intrigilor si tradarii. Iar pretendentii la tronul Celor Sapte Regate s-au hotarat sa isi impuna vointa prin foc si distrugere.


 Cand vine vorba despre serii atat de populare intotdeauna am tendinta sa stau mult pe ganduri ,sa imi pun ideile in ordine si apoi sa scriu ceea ce imi trece prin cap.Insa,uneori,ca in acest moment,chiar nu pot sa sa stau si sa astept.Cartea asta,desi a fost foarte lunga si plina de surprize,mi-a dat sansa sa realizez faptul ca autorul incearca sa ne arate cat de nenorocita poate sa fie soarta.

Tradare.Multi regi Glorie.Acesta este doar inceputul unei aventurii pe cinste.

Am avut sperante mari cand am inceput sa citesc aceasta carte.Speram sa fie mai buna decat prima,speram sa aiba mai multa actiune si sa ajung sa imi schimb parerea despre anumite personaje.Ei,s-au intamplat cateva dintre cele mentionate mai sus..Sperante?Extra si un pic de dezamagire.Nu o sa mint ,am sperat din tot sufletul ca Cersei si fiul ei sa dispara,dar atunci situatia nu ar mai fi fost asa de palpitanta,nu?

Fiecare scena ne ofera sansa sa aflam mai multe despre fiecare personaj.Fiecare pas pe care il fac,fiecare dorinta pe care o au dar si toate dezamagirile de care au parte.Este o carte plina de personaje curajoase si incantatoare.Personaje care isi tradeaza aproapele fara sa clipeasca,apoi incearca sa-i revina in gratii.Personaje care ajung la pamant,ca apoi sa se ridice si sa salveze situatia.O sumedenie de scene intimidante dar pline de surprize.

Mi-a placut la nebunie,desi unele capitole nu au fost pe gustul meu.Recunosc,mi-a placut la nebunie faptul ca nu am stiut la ce sa ma astept.Ma simteam ca un copil mic care astepta sa primeasca un cadou.Nu stiam daca o sa fie un cadou bun sau rau,daca o sa imi placa sau o sa fiu dezamagita.Dar pana la urma se pare ca a fost un cadou bun pentru mine.Simt gustul victorie dar in acelasi timp si a-l infrangerii.

O carte destul de lunga,plina de urcusuri si coborasuri.Actiune,surprize si multe elemente care au transformat aceasta poveste intr-un rollercoaster de emotii nebune.Un rollercoaster in sens bun,doar ca a avut si partile lui rele care m-au facut sa tanjesc dupa acele moment de pace si zile minunate.Dar totusi sunt doar un spectator al acestor evenimente,nu un personaj care sa fuga zbierand din calea violentei si a macelului.

S-au intamplat atatea lucruri in aceasta carte si nu imi vine sa cred ca am reusit sa citesc toate cele 1024 de pagini fara sa zbier,sa rad ca o nebuna,sa sparg ceva sau sa imi doresc sa arunc cartea pe geam.

Stiti ce se spune atunci cand te joci cu focul,nu?Ei,bine majoritatea personajelor s-au jucat cu focul , unele s-au ars rau de tot,altele au scapat cu arsuri minore si altele cu arsuri majore.Sper doar ca ceea ce urmeaza in urmatorul volum sa fie la fel de interesant sau sa intreaca primele doua volume.


miercuri, 30 decembrie 2020

Recenzie:Urzeala Tronurilor(Saga Cantec de Gheata si Foc #1) de George R.R. Martin.

Intr-un tinut in care verile pot dura ani in sir si iernile, o viata, primejdia se arata la orizont. Vine iarna si pe plaiurile inghetate de la nord de Winterfell forte intunecate si stranii se pregatesc de lupta in spatele Zidului ce protejeaza intregul regat Westeros. In mijlocul conflictului se afla familia Stark de Winterfell, oameni la fel de aspri si neinduratori ca pamantul pe care il stapanesc. Un taram al extremelor, de la fortaretele de piatra ale iernii la castelele belsugului si ale verii, in care lorzi si printese, soldati si vrajitori, asasini si bastarzi iubesc, se lupta si uneltesc pentru a supravietui.


Anul acesta este anul in care am reusit sa citesc cele mai multe carti,dar este si anul in care m-am apucat mai serios de citit unele serii pe care le-am lasat sa astepte prea mult in biblioteca.Una dintre acele serii este Saga Cantec de Gheata si Foc  de George R.R. Martin.O serie extrem de populara si iubita,o serie care a avut o ecranizare de exceptie,o ecranizare pe care am vazut-o si eu.Da,stiu,ar fi trebuit sa citesc cartile apoi sa vad serialul ,dar din pacate la mine s-a intamplat complet invers.
Nu regret faptul ca am asteptat asa de mult timp.Regret doar ca am ales sa fac unele alegeri,precum vizualizarea serialului inainte de a citi cartile,ceea ce imi cam da peste cap toata idea de a-mi imagina ceea ce citesc pe moment.

Primul volum din aceasta serie,intitulat Urzeala Tronurilor,mi-a oferit sansa sa aflu aproape toate detaliile pe care nu le-am primit in serial.Detalii despre personajele principale,detalii despre zonele in care se aflau si despre cum a inceput toata nebunia.Bine,ar trebui sa-i spun aventura,nu nebunie,mai ales ca mi-a placut cum a inceput totul.
Inceputul cartii este un pic mai greu ,un inceput in care iti ofera o scena pe care nu te asteptai sa o citesti,dar pe parcurs ajungi sa intelegi la ce se refera si de ce a ales autorul sa o puna ca prolog.Mie,sincera sa fiu,mi s-a parut destul de ciudat si m-am gandit ca nu are nici-o legatura cu toata povestea.Ei,bine,am gresit.
Ceea ce mi-a placut cel mai mult este felul in care aventura incepe.Cum totul este bine ,apoi treptat incepe sa se schimbe .Incet,pas cu pas,devine din ce in ce mai interesant apoi te prinde si abia iti mai poti desprinde ochii din carte.

Au fost momente cand am crezut ca nu o sa mai termin de citit cartea.Este un volum destul de mare,cu 832 de pagini,si unele capitole care iti da dureri de cap,insa am ajuns in acel punct in care nu ma mai puteam opri din citit.Am fost prinsa complet si fascinata de aceasta lumea ,de acest joc al regatelor in care cel mai puternic castiga..sau trebuia  sa castige.

Mi-a placut actiunea.Mi-au placut personajele,cel putin unele.Pe celelalte le-am detestat din tot sufletul meu si am asteptat sa dispara.Nu s-a intamplat,dar am dreptul sa-mi doresc,nu?
Desi se spune ca este o carte extrem de complicata,mie mi s-a parut o poveste extrem de interesanta .Da,a avut foarte multe intrigi iar razboiul dintre case era inevitabil.Si pot sa spun ca am asteptat nerabdatoare sa aflu ce o sa se intample in continuare.Da,are o actiune care se desfasoara treptat.Uneori te lasa sa crezi ce e mai rau,apoi iti ofera anumite momente la care nu te asteptai.Momente bune si rele,dar momente exceptionale pe care ajungi sa le recitesti doar ca sa te asiguri ca ai citit bine.Pas cu pas,te face sa iti doresti sa afli totul mai rapid,ca apoi sa realizezi ca tot ceea ce poti sa faci este sa astepti,sa citesti fiecare capitol atent si sa astepti inevitabilul.

Nu am de gand sa dau detalii despre ceea ce se intampla in carte,nu vreau ca aceasta recenzie sa fie considerata spoiler,asa ca ma rezum doar la ceea ce am simtit ceea ce imi trece prin cap in acest moment.




duminică, 27 octombrie 2019

Review:Saving Everest by Sky Chase.

From the outside, Everest has it all, but there’s only one person who can see him for who he truly is . . . and it changes his life forever.

In this tender, poignant debut novel by newcomer Sky Chase, two teenagers on the cusp of adulthood learn to embrace life in ways neither of them ever anticipated.

Everest is the most popular boy in school. He’s handsome, wealthy, and captain of the football team—he has the world at his fingertips, but he’s desperately unhappy. And when those feelings become too much to bear, he tries to take his own life.

On the surface, Beverly’s different from Everest in every possible way. She’s quiet, shy, hard working, and keeps to herself on campus, focusing on her schoolwork and her part-time job, distracting herself from her less-than-perfect upbringing.

When Everest returns to school after his attempt, he’s in more pain than ever. Discarded by his friends, he draws little empathy and too much attention from those who surround him. But when Beverly and Everest meet unexpectedly in a dusty corner of the old library, they discover together just how rich life can be when given the freedom to just be yourself.


I received this e-galley from Wattpad Books via Netgalley.Thank you so much!

This is the second time when i start to read this book.The first time was on Wattpad but i stopped(i don't remember why), and now after i received this e-galley i thought to myself that i have to read it and see how Everest's story ends.

When you have it all,or at least that's how people think about you,doing something as reckless as trying to commit suicide is not something people will forget about.They don't care about you or what drove you to that point.
Well,Saving Everest is that kind of story that makes you think about how lucky you are right now with what you have in your life and how bad it could be.
What made me finish reading this book was the way things started to happen:how Beverly entered Everest's life and step by step started to change it.How things evolved and became something more,something that managed to make me like this story.

Yeah,i have to admit that it could have been much better,but somehow i got to the point where i started to think that it could have been much worse.
This type of story,the ones who reach deep inside your heart ,are the ones who can make you feel a lot of things.The type of story that make you realize that what you have right now maybe is not peferct,but it could be much worse.

I liked the friendship that started between Beverly and Everest.Something everyone should have in real life,someone you can count on and someone who can be there when you need him/she to be.
Overall,the story was good and it described perfectly how someone,a friendship,could save your life and how much it means.

Beverly,well,she was the kind of character you can't hate.Always happy and always taking care of everyone else.She was pretty much my favorite and i liked how she managed to enter Everest's life and became his best friend.
Everest.Damn,i don't really know how to say this,but how can a character like him do something like that?Eh,probably i will never understand what was behind all that suicide act,but the author described the why and i think i understand a little(i'm not sure).Everest,yeah,i liked.I would have loved to get a glimpse of the old Everest,the one before the big event,but it's ok.

There were a lot of characters that made this story much better and with every chapter everything evolved.What i liked here the most was the fact that even if this story didn't have many roller coasters ,somehow managed to keep me on my toes and it kept me wondering what could happen next.

So,if there will be an next book,in the future,i will read it..Even if it won't be about Beverly and Everest.

Goodreads: Saving Everest .

joi, 3 octombrie 2019

Recenzie:Jumatate de Rege(Marea Sfaramata #1) de Joe Abercrombie

„Ma voi razbuna pe ucigasii tatalui meu. Am jurat!“

Printul Yarvi a jurat sa recastige tronul pe care nu si l-a dorit vreodata. Dar mai intai trebuie sa supravietuiasca cruzimilor, lanturilor si apelor dure ale Marii Sfaramate. Si toate acestea cu o singura mana buna.

Inselatul ajunge inselator.

Mic si slab in ochii tatalui sau, Yarvi ramane singur intr-o lume in care nu conteaza decat forta bruta si sangele rece. El nu poate manui o sabie sau tine un scut, asa ca trebuie sa isi ascuta mintea ca pe o arma.

Tradatul ajunge tradator.

In jurul lui Yarvi se strange o frație care il va ajuta sa devina omul care trebuie sa fie pentru a infrunta toate intrigile si a razbi in misiunea lui.

Uzurpatul va ajunge, la randul lui, uzurpator?

„O poveste despre tradare si razbunare care m-a prins de la prima pagina si nu mi-a mai dat drumul.“ - George R.R. Martin


Ceea ce trebuie sa recunosc ,macar de data asta,este faptul ca nu am avut sansa pana in acest moment sa mai citesc ceva scris de Joe Abercrombie.Da,da,stiu,am ezitat destul de mult.De ce?Cred ca am recunoscut in foarte mult recenzii ca atunci cand vine vorba despre carti scrise la persoana a treia ezit foarte mult inainte sa le incep.De ce?Deoarece prefer mai mult cartile scrise la persoana 1.Dar am cateva serii care sunt exceptii.
Da,am ezitat inainte sa incep Jumatate de Rege de Joe Abercrombie.Si nu doar din cauza felului in care este scrisa,ci si din cauza ca nu am mai citit absolut nimic scris de acest autor si nu am stiu la ce sa ma astept.Mi-am promis mie ca nu o sa mai fac asa ceva.De ce?Pentru ca primul volum din seria Marea Sfaramata mi s-a parut foarte bun,as putea sa spun ca genial,insa as fii preferat sa aiba un gram in plus de actiune+suspans.

Un inceput destul de promitator ,o poveste plina de urcusuri si coborasuri.Surprize si multa tradare.Ce altceva ti-ai mai putea dori cand vine vorba despre o carte de genul acesta,nu-i asa?
Intotdeauna mi-a placut sa citesc carti despre regi,regine,zei si personaje care lupta sa-si castige dreptul.Sa citesc felul in care o poveste evolueaza si se transforma in ceva foarte bun,ceva fascinant.
Pas cu pas povestea a inceput sa prinda contur,sa ma faca sa fiu mai curioasa si sa astept cu nerabdare sa aflu ce urmeaza sa se intampla cu Yarvi si celelalte personaje.O evolutie surprinzatoare si foarte captivanta.
Ce mi-a placut cel mai mult?Faptul ca povestea mi-a dat sansa sa citesc despre o persoana a carei viata se schimba treptat in fiecare capitol.O persoana care ,desi a fost crescuta sa creada ca din cauza defectului sau estetic nu o sa ajunga prea departe in viata,a facut tot posibilul sa-si razbune tatal si fratele.Un personaj care,desi la inceput nu am stiut ce sa cred despre el,mi-a dovedit ca este mai puternic si mai capabil sa treaca peste obstacolele din calea lui.

Da,sunt foarte incantata sa anunt faptul ca Yarvi este personajul meu preferat.Yikes,astept sa aflu ce o sa faca in continuare.
Pe langa surprinzatoarea mea placere de a citi despre aventura lui Yarvi (o cale lunga si dureroasa) trebuie sa mentionez si faptul ca pe parcurs au aparut cateva personaje care au fost destul de intersante.Personaje precum Sumael,Jaud,Rulf,Nimic si Ankran.
Cinci personaje care au reusit sa faca povestea lui Yarvi mai interesanta,fiecare capitol fiind plin de momente amuzante sau surprinzatoare.Desi felul in care s-au cunoscut cei cinci a fost destul de dureros si intens.

Au fost multe momente cand stateam si ma gandeam la ceea ce putea sa urmeze,chiar nu puteam sa ghicesc continuarea ,dar ceea ce am fost sigura a fost de faptul ca Yarvi isi va duce promisiunea la capat:adica sa-si razbune tatal si fratele,sa recupereze tronul si sa-si revendice rolul de conducator.Nu stiu de ce am fost asa de sigura,mai ales ca Yarvi nu este genul acela de personaj puternic asa cum gasim de obicei in acest gen de carti.

Acum ca am adaugat inca un autor pe lista mea cea lunga de preferati,sper ca in continuare cartile scrise de el pe care o sa le aleg sa fie la fel de fascinante ca aceasta carte.Felul lui de a scrie este foarte bun,foarte atractiv si fascinant.

O aventura pe cinste.

Goodreads: Jumatate de Rege.
Nemira: Jumatate de Rege.

luni, 13 mai 2019

Why?Because it's Monday! #16

ZIlele astea,cum tot am inceput sa scriu din nou pe blog,am tot bantuit pe Goodreads ,pe Pinterest si alte sitede genul acesta.De ce?
Ei,pe Goodreads sa vad ce mai este nou pe acolo(chit ca am renuntat o vreme la blog,pe Goodreads am fost mereu prezenta),ce carti urmeaza sa apara si ce as putea sa mai citesc.Din pacate anul acesta am ales sa citesc mai putine carti ,dar am senzatia ca desi am pus doar 50 de carti la Reading Challenge o sa depasesc acest numar.
Pana in acest moment am reusit sa citesc doar 31 de carti.Comparativ cu alti ani ...E putin,dar inca mai am timp sa schimb ceva,nu-i asa?La cat de repede trece timpul asta..
Cateva poze cu cartile citite pana acuma:

Daca doriti un prieten nou pe Goodreads ma gasiti aici: Oana D.H
De cand am dat de aceasta aplicatie pot sa spun ca am gasit foarte multe carti interesante si pot sa tin cont de ce urmeaza sa apara sau ce a aparut.Da,stiu ca probabil sunteti la curent cu ceea ce inseamna Goodreads si tot ce se intampla pe acolo,dar ma gandeam sa scriu si eu asa putin .

Ce ma impresionat si socat cel mai tare din cele 31 de carti?Stapanul Umbrelor de Cassandra Clare a avut un sfarsit atat de socant incat abia astept sa primesc continuarea(da,am facut comanda si astept sa imi ajunga cartea). All Your Perfects de Colleen Hoover are un mesaj puternic si foarte emotionant.Verity ,tot de Colleen Hoover,iti demonstreaza cat de puternicat poate sa fie imaginatia unui scriitor si in acelasi timp iti arata cat de ingrozitori pot fii unii oameni...Lista e lunga si daca as sta sa scriu despre fiecare carte in parte cred ca as sta in fata laptop-ului toata noaptea.
Nu o sa se intample asta..Sa zicem ca as adormi inainte sa reusesc sa ajung la ultima carte,asa ca prefer sa ma opresc aici.

Cate carti ati reusit sa cititi pana acuma?Si...Cate carti vreti sa cititi pana la sfarsitul anului?Aveti un reading challenge sau doar cate reusiti atatea cititi?

sâmbătă, 11 mai 2019

Lily --> Music(#50)

               Recent am terminat de citit(din nou) cartea It Ends With Us de Colleen Hoover.Exista un personaj in carte pe nume Lily..Erm,coincidenta total,am gasit o melodie cu numele Lily(Alan Walker, K-391 & Emelie Hollow).Nu au legatura,doar ca na a aparut la momentul potrivit.Am reusit sa scriu cateva cuvinte despre carte si am ascult melodia pe repeat...Cred ca deja am memorat versurile...😳
Nu sunt obsedata.JUR!Dar asa fac tot timpul cand gasesc o melodie care imi place foarte mult.
Inainte de Lily a fost Poem de The Motans si Irina Rimes...Inainte de Poem a fost Love Somebody de Lukas Graham..Inainte de Love Somebody a fost Fire on Fire de Sam Smith..Si tot asa..And the show must go on!😆😇

Poate,daca continui sa ascult melodia ,reusesc sa scriu recenzia asa cum trebuie...Asta in caz ca nu incep sa cant si sa dansez prin camera 😲

vineri, 10 mai 2019

Quotes #116)

Acest citat am ales sa il pun in forma de poza deoarece recent am dat de el si repede i-am facut poza ca sa pot sa il distribui online pe instagram.
Citatul este din cartea Calea Dragonului de Daniel Abraham.