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Review:Harmful Rush: A Stand-Alone Novel (Remedy #3) by Debra Doxer

Harmful Rush is a standalone, full-length novel set in the Remedy world. You do not have to read the first two books to read this book.

Skylark Samuels has a secret.

She’s not a normal teenager, although she plays one in real life. Pretending to be something you’re not isn’t easy, especially in high school where gossip is gold. For years, Sky manages to hide her uniqueness, until one fateful day when she exposes her gift, her curse, and all her fears come to pass. Now instead of going to college near home like she planned, she has to leave town and go someplace where the rumors can’t follow. The plan when she gets there: keep to herself and stay under the radar.

But blending into the background is impossible when local heartthrob Dylan Parks notices her. Even though Sky keeps her distance and doesn’t act like one of Dylan’s adoring fans, he goes out of his way to talk to her. Her. The girl who wants to be invisible.

Sky isn’t immune to Dylan’s charm, but getting close to him is a bad idea. It goes against the promise she made to herself. Besides, if Dylan knew the truth, he wouldn’t want her. If he discovered her secret, he’d treat her differently and possibly fear her. It’s happened before. But the more Sky gets to know Dylan, the harder it is to resist him, until fate intervenes.

A tragic event forces Sky to reveal herself to the one person she’s come to care for, and his reaction is unexpected. For the first time, she doesn’t feel so alone. But what she doesn’t realize is that she’s never been alone. When she finally lets her guard down, someone comes along who threatens to unravel everything, because being normal was never Sky’s destiny.


When i started reading this book i had no idea if i would like it or not,but i do have to admit that this wasn't the first book written by this author that i've read so far. I liked the fact that it was well written and it had an interesting story..And the characters?Well,the characters were ok at first,but once i got the chance to read more about them my opinion changed completely,from ok to awesome.
The idea,even if i've read about people who could heal before,was perfect and i liked how everything evolved step by step,how it became more than just a story about girl who had powers. Well,for me the beginning was a real mystery and when i started to understand more about Sky and what she could do,i was pretty much excited and thrilled that i got the chance to read this.

Skylark's life turned upside down when something horrible happened at her school. Something that forced her to move away from her adoptive father and away from everything she knew. Her secret was out in the open and she was harrassed by other people who thought she could help them. Yet Sky's secret was bigger then everything and she had to do anything in her powers to protect herself,even if that meant she had to go away. What if going to another school will change her life forever?What if that meant she will find someone who will accept her without putting her in danger? But what if..something horrible happens again? Will Skylark survive this or she will be forced to run again?

I admit that when i received this arc i was happy and i couldn't wait to read it,but once i finished it i couldn't find my words ,so i had to wait a little until i could write this review.
This book was amazing and i don't have words to describe what i liked most about it. Yes,it started strong and i got the chance from the beginning to read about what Sky was capable of,something that i really ,really appreciate. I do love this kind of beginnings,they make me want to know and sometimes i can't put the book down until i know more.It happened this time,because i enjoyed reading about Sky and the other characters.Especially when i started reading aboutDylan Parks.Hello there,handsome!

Dylan Parks was the best thing that could happen to Sky,even if it was a little crazy how things happened between them.Handsome,charming and ,of course,the most popular boy,Dylan Parks surprised me from the beginning.He was kind and a little mysterious,surrounded by rumours that weren't true ,rumours that made him look like a bad guy,even if he wasn't.Stubborn and a little too curious,Dylan managed to win my heart ,step by step,just by trying to make Sky see that he wasn't exactly the boy who people were talking about.Sweet and a little intense,yet the kind of guy every girl wanted.

Skylark,strange name but i loved it,wasn't exactly how i expected her to be.She was strong and determined ,the kind of character that makes you think about a lot of things.What i liked most about her?The fact that she never gave up.Knowing what she can do ,even if she knew she was putting herself in danger,she helped a lot of people without expecting anything from them.It was pretty much what i liked about her character:the fact that she wasn't selfish,that she wanted to help people and she never asked something for herself.But tshe was too naive and because of that someone used her .

It was a little funny how things started to happen between Sky and Dylan.How she tried to avoid him and make him stay away from her.Yeah,i understand now the why's and all the jazz,but still,i wished it could have happen sooner,because those two together?Perfect.
Many ups and downs.Many surprises.I liked every chapter.A lot of crazy things happened in this book and i still can't believe what happened with Shane and how he manipulated Sky.Grr,i thought he was a good guy,but i was wrong,wrong and very wrong.But,hey,everything got better ,so ,yeah,i'm a little dissapointed but well,there had to be a bad guy,right?Yikes.

This book was amazing .Once i started reading i couldn't stop myself..Something that happens to me only when i find a really good book.

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