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Short Review:Korian and Lucy:A Cult of the Cat Short Story (Cult of the Cat 0.5) by Zoe Kalo

NOTE TO READERS: "Korian and Lucy" is NOT a novel. It is a companion short story (6,000 words) to 'Daughter of the Sun' (Cult of the Cat Book 1). It is meant to be read AFTER 'Daughter of the Sun,' otherwise you won't get the full meaning or references to characters.

It is the love story of Korian and Lucy (Trinity's parents) and takes place in The Island of Cats 17 years before the birth of Trinity. 

Short Review:

When i first read about Lucy in ''Daughter of The Sun'' was interested to know her story ,hers and Korian's.Why?Because from the beginning their story was fascinating and,honestly,i really wanted to know more about how Trinity's parents met and what really happened with them.

At first i didn't know what to believe.It seemed like they were two normal teenagers who were in love,but who would have thought that something drastic will happen to them?
Lucy was full of life,beautiful and a really interesting character.I liked her attitude and the way she was acting when she was trying to protect her love for Korian.But those chapters ,the pages from the diary,were really strange and told us what was happening in her head when she wasn't with Korian or anyone else.
It was a little strange how everything happened,despite the love between those two,it was crystal clear that something huge was happening..Or someone was hell-bent on making Lucy's whole family believe that there was a curse.
Korian?Like Lucy,he was full of life and an important pawn in this whole story.But i really want more.I want know what happened next with him after the accident.

Honestly,i wish for more,because i want to read about what happened to Korian and Lucy.I want to learn more about what happened while Lucy was pregnant with Trinity.And the important thing:What happened to Korian?And did he find out about the baby?
Questions,questions..My head is full of questions..
This book is about the beginning,about how Trinity's parents tried to defy Isis but they were turned into pawns.This book is about true love ...But at the same time,this is the beginning of everything that will shape Trinity's life.

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