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Review:The Spiral Down (The Fall Up #2) by Aly Martinez

I was afraid to fly.
He made me soar.

After years of climbing the ladder of success in the music industry, I finally had everything I could want. 
Yet I still found myself wandering through life alone.

Captain Evan Roth was the one man I never saw coming. 
Tall, dark, mysterious… Straight. 

We were both damaged beyond repair and searching for something so elusive we weren’t sure it even existed.

But, when two broken souls collide in midair, falling is a given.

I just never expected to crave the spiral down.


''It wasn't supposed to happen like that. But, for reasons lost on me, Evan could strip whatever disguise I attempted to hide behind. Fame, fortune, fear. He saw through them all.''

From the first moment when i've first read about Henry in The Fall Up i liked that guy,but now after reading his story i can say that i love him. It seems that i loved his story more than Leeve's ,it was pretty much epic and abso-freaking-lutely perfect for Henry. Many ups and downs,but it was an amazing love story about two amazing guys -two guys who had a bad past and who needed each other.

Henry made me laugh a lot and i have to admit that i enjoyed reading about the way he planned everything,the way he started to do some things so he could get Evan's attention. Funny?Yeah. But it was pretty much intense from the beginning everything that happened between them.
They both were amazing characters and it was perfect the way they were together,even if it was a little hard for Evan to accept what was happening.

His laugh. His randomness. The way he can captivate me from across a room. The rush I felt when we were together. It was the closest thing to flying I’ve ever experienced with my feet on the ground.

Henry Alexander has almost everything he needs:an amazing career,fame and money,a good best friend and he could have anyone he wanted. But those things weren't enough. He wanted to find true love..And to know if someone could love the real Henry,not the facade.
Evan's life turned upside down from the moment he was called from work to do the impossible..But his life turned upside down in a good way,because somehow in that moment he realized that he deserved to love and be loved by someone..Yet he never thought that he would find love sooner.

Those guys were crazy,they made me laugh a lot,but at the same time they showed me that everything in this life is possible. It was pretty much hilarious everything Henry planned ..But Evan's reaction? Well,speechless here.

"It's time for you to get used to the fact that I'm here to stay as long as you want me." I pressed a hard kiss to his lips.

Ups and downs,people! A rollercoaster of emotional and hard moments. Two stubborn people. Yet the result was breathtaking.
I'm not kidding when i say that i liked Henry's story more than Leeve's. It was more than i expected and it was really fun to discover the truth about the real Henry .

I never expected something easy and i'm glad that it wasn't. What was happening between Henry and Evan was something that it couldn't have worked without a few bumps and bruises.

You can find my review on Goodreads: The Spiral Down .

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