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Review:Kian by Tijans Books

Dark. Mysterious. Gorgeous. 
Loved by all the girls. 
Respected by all the guys. 
...that was Kian Maston. 

As the heir to a billion dollar empire, his future was promising until the day he saved my life. Everything changed for both of us, and there was one more word that could be used to describe him—dangerous. 

The nation fell in love with him while falling in hate with me. He was sent to prison, and as far as they were concerned, it was my fault. I was forced to go into hiding until today. 

Kian's being released from prison, and he should go back to being the golden boy he always was supposed to be. I should remain in hiding, living my life as normal as could be. 

That's what we should do...


Everything about you matters: the breath you breathe, the tears you cry, the smiles you give, the sound of your laughter, how your mind thinks, the values you hold dear.”

And this is the reason why i love to read:because in every book i read i always find something that takes me by surprise,makes me curious,makes me smile or laugh, makes me sad or makes me cry. In this case?This book took me by surprise,because even if i thought,after reading the description,that it will be amazing(i never doubted that),i still didn't know what to expect. It was a mystery and i was intrigued by everything.
I admit that i was really curious to find out what it will be about or how the story will transform step by step..And expected it to be okay,but the truth?I loved it. Every single chapter. Every single scene.

Yeah,there were scenes when i started asking myself:What just happened?,or :Why did that happened.But for me that's something normal.
Why i loved this book?There are too many reasons ,the list is too long.Ha.The important one?Dark,mysterious and swoon worthy. Yikes!

Jo's life is a lie . A life made up so she could be safe or at least that's what she was trying to do,until the day the reason why she was doing that walks back into her life. Three years ago someone saved her life before something bad could happen to her.But she had to hide,because everyone blamed her.
Kian Mastons life changed completely after he saved a girl. Being sent to prison for killing someone,he knew he did the right thing. After he got out of prison,Kian's plan wasn't a sure one,but somehow he walked back into that girl's life ,changing it again.
If it doesn't make any sense to you,then you have to read this book! 

My reaction after finished reading this book:Yay,it happened,but still i can't believe.
The whole reason why i controlled myself:i was at work,so i couldn't react like i wanted,but inside my head i was clapping and dancing. Yikes. Yeah,i'm weird. So what?

Honestly, i liked the fact that i couldn't guess what will happen and i loved that there were a lot of scenes where i had to keep my breath because it was that good. Or maybe that's my opinion.
I loved the chemistry between Kian and Jo.It was very intense and fascinating,but i admit that it was a little strange how some things happened,especially all those dark secrets Kian was keeping.Well,those secrets weren't exactly dark,but the way the author wrote about them and when those secrets were put in the scenes,it made them look dark .and twisted.But still,i loved it!

At the beginning i didn't understand what was happening,why Jo was hiding or what happened so bad to her ,making her act like she was followed everywhere.It was a little annoying,but once i started to find out the real reason and once everything started to have sense to me,i started to like it and enjoy reading.I loved the way the story transformed and how the characters evolved step by step.It was fascinating and i admit that i couldn't stop myself from reading more,that's why i've finished this book at work(even if i am not allowed.Ha!Well..Shh,nobody has to know that!*sigh*)

The fact that i liked Jo from the beginning made everything easier for me.Yeah,at some point she annoyed me a little,but i got past that because once i started to read more about her,i started to understand her reasons and why she was acting like a scared little girl.
Kian?Well,that guy was exactly how the description says:dark and mysterious.Swoon worthy!And i loved reading about him.Well,he was a hero,even if he didn't want to admit that.Charming,handsome and very intersting,Kian was exactly the kind of character you want to think is a bad guy,but in fact he is one of the good guys.Good guy or bad?It doesn't really matter in this case,because from the beginning i knew that Kian's role in this book would be a good one.

Despite what was happening with Kian,Jo,the media and all the drama,there were a few characters that annoyed me a lot:Susan and Erica.Well,it is a little strange,because Erica was Jo's best friend,but she was annoying and i didn't like her at all.Even when she helped Jo to tell the world her story.Once you get on my ''annoying list'' ,you don't get out easy.The rest?I loved Wanker.Nerd or not,he was sweet and a good guy.Jake?Hmm,i prefer not to tell my opinion about him.

“This is your life, Jordan. Your. Life. Yes, I am attracted to you. Yes, I want to hold you. Yes, I want to kiss you. Yes, I want to pick you up and carry you into that bedroom.” 

And once again,everything gets back to Kian and Jo.Everything transform between them,making them do things they never thought they'll do.It was fun and i enjoyed reading about how they were fighting the media,so Jo could get back to her real life and stop running.But what i like the most?It was the idea about how everything happened.How they met and how everything transformed from there.Many ups and downs.Many secrets and lies.But in the end it was worth everything.

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