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Review:Crash & Burn (Cut & Run, #9) by Abigail Roux

It’s been five years since Special Agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett first worked together to solve the Tri-State murders, and time has been both harsh and kind. Engaged now, they face the challenge of planning a deeply uncertain future together. Zane is at the pinnacle of his career with one last mystery to solve, while Ty is at sea in a world where he’s no longer the tip of a spear.

There’s just one more hurdle in the way of their happy ever after: a traitor from their inner circle who threatens to burn their world to the ground.

Squeezed between the Vega cartel, an unknown mole, and too many alphabet agencies to count, Ty and Zane must gather all their strength and resources to beat the longest odds they’ve ever faced. To make it out alive, they’ll need help from every friend they’ve got. Even the friends who might betray their trust.


“- Some roads to love aren't easy, and I've never been more thankful for being forced to fight for something. I started this journey with a partner I hated, and a man in the mirror I hated even more. The road took me from streets of New York to West Virginia, from the place I born to the place I found a home. It forced me to let go of my past and face my future. And I had to be made blind before I see. (...) I promise to love you until I die. (...) - I promise to never leave you alone in the dark, he whispered.”

I can't believe that i will start my review like this,but ,honestly,i can't help it:i hate it when all my favorite series end,and right now i hate it even more because this time this series was about Ty and Zane..Grr.But i admit that every single book was amazing and i'm really ,really glad that i got the chance to read it.

This book deserves more than 5 stars.Full of suprises,full of action-a roller coaster of crazy events in which i found both funny and serious moments...And there were a few heartbreaking moments, something that made me wish that this wasn't the end.
And i loved every single chapter.It made me laugh and smile.It made me want to punch my fist in the air when i thought something wasn't fair.It made me sad,when bad things happened(especially when i thought that all my favorite characters will die,mainly Ty and Zane).It made my heart beat like crazy ,because this time i got the chance to read about Ty and Zane finally getting married(It was the best moment ,even if that chapter wasn't so glorious like it should have been.).And,of course,i loved it because it gave me the chance to read about them in action,this time it was mind-blowing and epic.But the best part?I loved reading about all of them together: Owen,Digger,Ty,Zane, Nick,Kelly, Liam,Cross and the others.It was fun and epic.

Sadly,i have to admit that before i started reading this series i never thought that i will read a book about FBI agents.Why?Because i'm not a big fan of those stories,but now..Darn it,i'm so glad that i didn't pass this.

“I'll always find you, Zane”


Ty and Zane know that something bad will happen soon,but they never thought that the future will bring more betrayals and pain.FInally getting their plans in actions,Ty and Zane found out soon that Nick has more secrets and that Liam Bell's plans involves them all,but at the same time Liam knows that the Cartel wants Ty and Zane dead.But what Liam doesn't know is the fact that the Sidewinders and Zane are willing to do everything in their powers to stop the Cartels and all those who want them dead.But the betrayal is too high..Will Ty be able to forgive Nick?What will happen with all of them when they face the Cartle?Or the NIA?Will they survive?

Once again i fell in love with Ty and Zane's relationship.Pretty amazing.Why?Because it's a twist between friendship,partnership and a lot more.From the beginning it was fun reading about them ,but in this book?They went through pain,loss,betrayal,anger and all those ugly emotions,but in the end they managed to do the right thing..To forgive and fight for those who they loved.I loved the way they were working together and they made me laugh a lot,but there were a lot of moments when my heart broke because of them.Oh,god,how much i will miss those two freaking amazing Agents... *sigh*
In this book everything was crazy complicated and everything changed,everything was so twisted and full of surprises,that even i couldn't keep up with everything that was happening.So far this is the best book,because it had a lot of epic moments and there were a lot of moments that made me forget to breath,and it made me feel like i was on the edge, one step away from falling,because it was too much.

After everything that happened,more secrets were revealed,secrets about what Burns was doing and how all his plans involved Ty and Zane.It was crazy!I swear.But i always had this feeling that Burns was doing something behind Ty and Zane's backs.Why?Because everything he made them do was strange and crazy.Yeah,it was bad,but if i start thinkin about how this series would have been without Burns doing those evil plans of his,i can't imagined Ty and Zane's life.
The way everything happened wasn't how i expected it to be,especially when i started to read about how Liam was involved once again and it made me think that everything will go to hell.It did,big time!Yikes.But..After all Liam's involvement wasn't a bad thing .Yeah,i hated that guy ,but now i don't know..

“You're not a thing in the dark," Kelly said under his breath.
"No." Nick clutched his fingers tighter. "But I can be."
Kelly stared at him for a long time, nodding, blue-gray eyes turning to quartz granite. "Then we'll be things in the dark together.” 

Nick?Somehow i knew,deep down in my heart,that he was keeping something huge and bad from everyone else,but i never expected that.But i understand him and i hated the way Ty reacted when he found out the truth.Yet,i don't blame Ty.The whole time ,reading about Nick's pain and everything that happened to him?It was like a knife in my heart,being twisted ,making me wish those bad things never happened to him.Why?Because besides Ty and Zane,Nick managed to win my heart.
Kelly?The Doc was a firecracker,always fighting and alert.Always keeping his eyes on Nick .I loved every single moment when Kelly started throwing punches,especially when those punches were aimed at Liam.Oh,how much i enjoyed those moments.But ..My heart broke for him every single time when he thought something bad had happen to Nick.
Owen and DIgger?Those guys were pretty crazy and shady as hell,but they made me laugh a lot.I don't have much to say about them,but  since they were a part of the whole actions,everything was pretty much mind-blowing.I loved their connection,how much they were willing to fight for each other.
The rest?Since they weren't present in all the chapter,only they names were brought up a few times,i can't say much about them.My whole attention was on Ty,Zane,Sidewinders and Liam.Those were the characters who made everything interesting and crazy.

Right now i'm still trying to process everything,but in my mind i keep repeating the fact that this couldn't be the last book..I want more.More crazy moments.More action.More intense moments between Zane and Ty.More jokes and sarcasm.More adventures.More badass characters.My mind refuses to understand that it really was the end..But at least this series had an epic end.

+ 1 star.

You can find my review on Goodreads: Crash&Burn

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