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Review:Soulless (King, #4) by T.M. Frazier

The finale to Bear and Thia's epic love story.


“Love isn’t about wanting a hero, it’s about wanting to be one for the other person.” 

Bear and Ti..Despite the fact that i am a little sad that this was the end,i must admit that i loveed the way it ended.This book was pretty much crazy from the beginning until the end.Crazy in a good way!But still..I want more.Too bad it was the end.
I almost fell of my chair a few times,because honestly,Bear's action and reactions where too intense.I mean,C'mon!,he was always angry and determined to end this,so yeah..On a scale from 1 to 10 in intense matters?Definitly,he was a 10.A pro.

My point?Once i started reading i couldn't stop!I loved the first book,the way it started and the way Bear and Ti connected,but now,after reading what happened next?One word:Perfection.
There were a few scenes when i thought that i was a little bit too much,but i got past them and i found a way to understand them completely.

Bear and Ti's story ends up with a loud BANG,because everything changes completely and nobody could have stoped that.THis book starts with Bear in prison,trying to find a way to survive and trying to find a way to get out..But what he never expected was something huge to happen,something that gave him hope,something that made him realize that maybe he still got a chance to save himself,Tia and the Beach Bastards.Meahwhile,Ti's patience is running low,making her do things she shouldn't do..But everything turns up exactly like it should.
Despite everything that happened,i have add,like right now,the fact that i'm sooo glad that Ray and King were a part of this book from the beginning.I think that it wouldn't have been the same without them.ANd Jake and Abby?Even if i didn't read their story ,i know that i liked them enough,and (runs and puts those books and them on the ''must read '' list ) i'll change that ASAP,because they seem really interesting.

“Bear was as beautiful as he was hard. He was as complex as he was simple. He was both the storm and the calm. The fear and the solace. The rage and the peace.
My life and my love.”

And back to Ti and Bear.Beside the fact that they were a little crazy,there were moments when i laughed out loud,because when they were arguing they were funny like hell.Still,it was fun and i enjoyed reading about them.About everything that happened and the way things turned up .

Ti and Bear,two stubborn people,who never knew when to give up when it comes to one of them-that's the way i can describe them,because those characters were pretty much badass,but at the same crazy.Still,i liked how they were when they were together.It was fun reading about how Bear's characters transformed step by step,and he wasn't the same guy he was at he end of the Tyrant book.And Ti?Step by step,she started to shock me and impress me at the same time,even if she did a few stupid things i hope she wouldn't do.However,everything turned up perfect.And i loved the name Bear choose for the new Club.It was better than Beach Bastard-a lot better.

“Home is where you feel the most like yourself. Home is the thing that makes you happiest during this very short life.
The person who makes you happiest.
I’d never known what a real home was, and now that I’d found it, I was never letting it go.”

And..I'm shocked,because i never expected this book to end like that.I mean,Seriously?It is true?I hope that what i've read is true.Honestly,it's true,right? *sigh*
And Grace?I loved that woman from the beginning ,she was sweet and very blunt,but at least i am happy that i got the chance to read about her.
Even if i am a little sad that another favorite series of mine ended ,i'm glad that i got the chance to read it.It was worth it and i enjoyed reading every single chapter,every single word.

You can find my review on Goodreads: Soulless.

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