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Review:Falling For Home by Jody Holford

Coming home was the last thing that globe-trotting photographer, Lucy Aarons wanted to do, but after work-related issues force her to return to her hometown, Lucy must face the truths she’s been hiding from all along.

Avoiding her too-sexy next-door-neighbor proves impossible. Sheriff Alex Whitman is not the same boy she left behind years ago. Realizing Alex’s steady presence is exactly what she craves, Lucy gives in to her desires.

Just as the fire between them ignites, so does the town, as Alex investigates an arsonist who’s hitting them both a little too close to home. As the circumstances around them heat up, and Lucy battles her instinct to bolt, the buildings may not be all that burn to the ground.


If you want to read something easy and sweet,then Falling for Home is the right choice. Why? Because this book was about finding true love ,and at the same time finding a good reason to belive in yourself ,when you think nobody else does.

Lucy Aarons's life is all about running from country to country trying to capture all the beautiful things with her camera,but one day the need to returne home is too much,and Lucy finds herself in Angel's Lake,her childhood home. But what if this time Lucy will find a reason to stay there and never leave?What if that reason is good enough in order for Lucy to see the truth about her life,her family..everything?What if..
But here comes Alex Whitman,Angel's Lake Sheriff,and Lucy's neighbor ,and the one who managed to do the unthinkable..But what if he isn't enough?

First,i'll admit with all my heart,that i liked Lucy. She had a lot of reasons why she chose to photograph the world and thos reasons where good enough..But,still..She was sweet and an amazing  girl,someone who was a little lost and who needed to know that someone believed in her. A little stubborn-something that i ignored because she was too good.

Alex?Swoon worthy,charming,sweet..The kind of guy you read about only in stories,but sometimes you really wish you could find him in real life. Yeah,he made a good impression from the beginning,and let's just say that he got many points from me for being a real gentleman.

This story was beautiful and easy to read. I liked they way it was written,from both Lucy's and Alex's point of views,even if i have to admit that i'm not a really big fan of books written in 3rd person point of view..But there are a few exceptions.

I enjoyed reading the way Lucy started to find more reasons why she should stay home..Especially when it came to Alex. They were perfect together and it was fun reading how everything happened step by step..And Lucy's family? Perfectly imperfect,at the same time pretty much how a real family should be,even if in Lucy's case there were a few secrets involved,the reasons why Lucy felt that she needed to escape from home in the first place.

Beautiful,well written and full of amazing characters-worth reading when you want something easy and fun.

You can find my review on Goodreads: Falling For Home

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