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Review:Three (Love by Numbers #3) by E.S. Carter

I am a son. 
I am a brother. 
I am an artist. 
I am a student. 
I am her student. 

She was my first. 
First infatuation, first ‘real’ kiss, first love, first..... 

I gave her everything, including my body and would have given her more. 
I gave her ‘I love you’ ….she told me her heart was filled by another, there was no room left for me. 

We could never be. 
What we did was wrong. 
It didn’t feel wrong to me. 

The deepest hurt is a love that you cannot have. It will last the longest, cut the deepest and feel the strongest. 
It is an imperfect love; a disfigured circle that never ends. 
You cannot control it; it's as simple as blinking and just like blinking the more you try to stop it, the more the pain consumes you. 

This is book 3 in the 'Love by Numbers' series. 
Although it contains characters from the previous books, it can be read as a standalone


''I am a son.
I am a brother.
I am an artist.
I am a student.
I am her student.''

Before i start writing my review about this book,i have to confess the fact that i didn't read the first books in this series,Ninteen and Twenty-one,but when i've read this books description i saw the fact that it can be read as a standalone.And i wanted to read it.

The story was sweet and easy to read.I enjoyed reading everything from the beginning until the end,but i have to confess that if i get the chance to read Jake's and Emma's story,i'll do it in a second.
Well,to explain things better:Nineteen and Twenty-one are Emma's and Jake's stories,and Three is about Liam Fox,Jake's brother.

What happened in this book was a little complicated,but at the same time it was beautifull and full of surprises.But what surprised me the most was the fact that this book was written from Liam's point of view and Cari's point of view.Two characters whose life was turned upside down,but somehow manage to reunite.There is one problem ,cause after all Cari and Liam's past isn't pretty.

“Love; just a four letter word that is easy to spell yet impossible to define. 
I may need her to prove I'm worthy of fighting for, but for her, I'm all set to go to war.” 

Liam Fox-Williams is the kind of man every woman deserves.Charming,handsome and pretty much perfect,but at the beginning of this book we get to meet the broken hearted Liam.I loved how everything changed step by step,how Liam changed and showed what kind of man he was.He was fun and in every single chapter he proved that his love for Cari was more than everyone thought.

Cari Pritchard-well,i admit that her insecurities annoyed me a little,but step by step i started to understand her more and more.I knew what she was protecting and why she was trying to give Liam a chance to have a normal life,but after everything that happened i'm glad that everything changed.
She was an awesome character.Strong and determined.
And Seren?Cari's sister was the reason why everything changed twice.Once in a bad way,and the second time in a good way,

It was fun reading about Liam's family.There were hilarious and made me laugh so many times.A lot of funny moments and it wasn't a surprise the fact that he had such an suportive family.They were amazing and made everything better.

The whole story was beautiful and full of surprises,even if there were a few things that made me believe that maybe something bad would happen,but lucky me this time everything was simple and easy to read.

You can read my review on Goodreads: Three

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