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Review:Live Me(Pieces of Broken #1) by Celeste Grande



How can you begin to live again when you’ve already been forced to… die?

Evangelina Ricci is trapped in a world that’s a never-ending nightmare, a constant ache in which consumes her every breath. Unable to bear the torture any longer, she does the one thing she can to take back control.


With her best friend Jace in tow, Evangelina attempts to escape her darkened past by leaving for college and diving head first into an aggressive schedule, determined with everything she is to make a name for herself. There’s only one problem—she can’t run away from the demons she struggles with. The demons that’ll forever be there, locked inside, battering her soul. Hiding behind a flawless façade, Evangelina faces her ghosts until her world is turned upside down, invaded by… him.

Blake Turner. Sweet, witty, flirtatious and drop-dead gorgeous, he finds Evangelina at every turn. Scared he’ll uncover the truth she keeps so well guarded, Evangelina tries her best to put on her act, deterring him like she has so many times before—only this guy’s different. He’s relentless. Utterly, absolutely and completely relentless. He sees her and he wants her and won’t stop until she’s his.

Will Evangelina succeed in pushing Blake away? Or will he break down her walls and be the person to make her realize life is worth living?


“I’ll be strong for you. Live me, baby . Live for me. Please.”

Once again i found a story that i couldn't stop reading.It was crazy and full of surprises,but also full of ups and downs.
I never thought that it will be something easy-the description was enough for me to know that this book will be intense.And it was!Really.
But being the first book written by Celeste,i can say that it was written really good!And i'm really impressed that she wrote about this type of story.Debut?It feels like she's done this before!

Live Me is about how someones life can change after being abused by someone else.How Eva's life turned upside down and how she tried so hard to take back her life.How she tried to move on and keep living away from the one who did bad things to her.
It wasn't easy and there were so many moments when i wanted to shout out loud that it wasn't fair!Mainly for Eva.Because she was a smart,talented and beautiful girl..
Can i admit something?Sometimes i was dissapointed..Cause after all she could have told everyone the truth about that monster..But somehow i got the impression that it wasn't that easy.

But being away from that monster made Eva fight for everything.Fight for a normal life.Fight for her friends.And ,finally,for the guy who managed to win her heart.That until something happened again.Something bad.

"In the short time I'd known him, he had burrowed his way into my heart and shattered all my make-shift walls."

Just thinking about Blake Turner ..and i don't even know how start writing about him.Handsome,charming and a true gentleman.He was the best thing in Eva's life.I really liked him-the way he was thinking and how every time he tried to show her that everything was exactly like it was supposed to be when they were together.The way he was calling her,Angel,was the first thing that made me think that something great will happen.Yup.

I admit that it was fun reading about them.About how Blake never gave up ,about Eva's reaction when she was near him.And Jace?Eva's best friend was the best!I laughed out loud so many times because of him.He was the fun one,the one who could make you laugh even if you don't want to.
Sandra and Jessie?I admit that i didn't know what to think about them at first.They were easily shocked and ..I'm not sure.But they were a part of Eva's life.
Eric?He was Blake's friend.The one who made me wonder and i hope that someday i will get to read his story.After all,he was the one who caught my attention at the beginning of the book and after what i've read about him ,i want more!
And there is Rick.Eva's boss and the one who helped her show the world how talented she was.

But still..This book was full of upside downs.Full of intense emotions .Full of pain .Full of Love.And, finally,there were moments when i found :hope.Not for long,but it was there and it was in Eva's eyes.

The end of this book broke my heart.It wasn't what i expected and i hated it.With all my heart!It wasn't fair and i wanted to shake some sens in Eva.So bad!
And now i can't wait to read the next book!And i really ,really hope things will get better..
The characters were strong and step by step i started to enjoy reading about them,even if sometimes they had to get through hard moments.

But why?Why a cliffhanger?Why?

You can find my review on Goodreads: Live Me review

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