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2015 on goodreads

Well,it seems like in a blink of an eye  another year has passed and ,honestly,i can't believe that!But,i'm thrilled to announce that this year was full of surprises-some good,some bad.
Anyway,pfiu-i still can't believe!Yikes.

This year i've read many books.Honestly,when i decided to participate in the 2015 READING CHALLENGE i thought that i won't read too much .I thought that (my first goal)50 books will be enough..Um,yeah,i was wrong.Now ,today,i have 117 books that i've read!Yay me!

My average rating for this year?It's hugeee.I mean 4.5 .THat's what i deserve for liking too many books this year. *sigh*

Sooo,let's get to the part i love:Favorite books!


Top 5 favorite books!

1.Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

I still can't forget what happened in that book..I swear that every time i read something or when i try to enjoy another story my mind wanders back and remembers what happened with Mare in Red Queen.Shoot.Um,i'm not really sure why..But ,hey,after this book is my favorite!
You can read my review here:Red Queen review.

2.The Rose Society by Marie Lu.

Well,i think that all i have to say about this book you can find it in my review.
You can read my review here:The Rose Society review.

3.Sweet Soul by Tillie Cole.
I've red this book withouth knowing what to expect,even if i've read about the main character in 2 books before.I loved reading about Levi and Elsie,but you can read my whole opinion in my review.
Yyou can read my review  here: Sweet Soul review.

4.Oblivion by Jennifer L. Armentrout.
This book made me the happiest girl in the entire world.Why?Because it's about Daemon Black,of course!The first 3 books from the Lux series written from Daemon Black point of view.Who can ignore that?I couldn't .And it was perfection.Too bad i didn't write my review..Yikes.But this book is still one of my favorites!Team Daemon Black forever .

5.The Iron Warrior by Julie Kagawa.
I'm still a fan of Julie Kagawa's books,especially if i can read again about Faeries and Nevernver.ANd the Iron Warrior?I got the chance to read about Meghan,Ash,Puck and all the characters that i loved while i read The Iron Series.But,i admit that i enjoyed reading about Ethan's adventure.

And...That was top 5 favorite books for now.But there were a lot of books that i loved and enjoyed reading.
Well,it seems like have only favorite books and a few books i disliked.Hmm,but i'm not sure i can make a top.

One word: Dissapointed.

I've read a book named Lux and it is written by Courtney Cole-the only i couldn't rate,because i was  and i am still too confused and shocked about what happened .
Nearly Mended by Devon Ashley..I am dissapointed and i really can't say how much i waited for that book to be published..But after i've read the book ..Well,too bad.
Te rest?Well,good enough for me not to put them in that box named Dissapointed.

Like i said it was a good year and i'm really happy that i got the chance to read sooo many good books!But -Who knows?Maybe next year it will be better and full of surprises ,right?
What i really know right now is that i will start a new year with a few good series that i have to read ASAP!

Soo..<b>Happy new Year,my friends!And i hope that this year will be full of good books!</b>

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