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Review :Hawthorne &Heathcliff by R.K Ryals.

Two names that didn't belong to us. Two shoes that did. 

Intense and introspective, seventeen-year-old Hawthorne Macy knows all about being abandoned. She's felt the stark pain of being left behind by the people who are supposed to love her the most; her parents. Raised by her caring uncle on an old plantation, Hawthorne lives her life on the fringes of her small Southern town. 

Until she meets his shoe. 

Senior year, last period English class, and a pair of silent tennis shoes resting next to hers in the back of the room throws Hawthorne into a world she'd learned to stay outside of. 

His name is Max Vincent, but in her mind, he’s Heathcliff. The handsome eighteen-year-old boy behind the shoes will pull Hawthorne into a passionate and unforgettable adventure of self-discovery during a time when love seems impossible. 

Shoes can tell a lot about a person. The journey they take you on can tell a lot about how they'll hold up.


“It’s strange how life works, son. We tend to put things off when we know we have plenty of time to do them. Then when there isn’t much time left, we start to realize what we should have already done.”

You want to know the real reason why i love ?Well,my answer:because i love to lose myself in beautiful ,hard and mindblowing stories.Stories that make me believe that everything is possible in life.
Hawthrone &Heathcliff –i admit that i didn’t know what to expect when i started reading this book,but i’m really happy that i didn’t skip it again.I loved the stories ,even if at some point i couldn’t understand why so many bad things happened and how-seriously,my heart couldn’t keep up with soo much pain.How Hawthorne managed to move on ,that was a real miracle.
The story was really beautiful and i loved how everything changed step by step.Yes,it was full of sad moments,but there were so many beautiful moments and those moments made everything better.
And,this might not make any sense,but how everything started,that was really brilliant,even if that involved Max’s shoes.Brilliant and unique!

''There's this thing love stories always forget to mention.That love isn't a constant thing.Sometimes it changes,other times it fades completely.Sometimes you have to fall in love twice to truly understand it. ''

Hawthorne-the strenght that girl had in every chapter made me envy her.After everything she had lost,she never gave up.I loved her mind-the way she was thinking and all those freaking philosophical thoughts she had every single time something happened.Sometimes,yeah,i thought she was weird,but weird in a good way.

Heathcliff-despite the weird introduction and how everything started,i admit that i liked him from the beginning,but i was a little dissapointed.But,it seems that i had to learn more and more about him,cause after all he was a mystery for me.

This story was mostly about everything you can lose in life and it showed me that, when everything is hard you can find the strenght you need to move on.You can lean on those who love you and that you have to start trusting them to help you.

“Rough rides are smoother when you’ve got a passenger who understands the road.”

Hawthorne and Heathcliff saved each other,even if their story was full of ups and downs.She was the girl who lost her family,and he was the lost soul who needed freedom in order for him to understand that all he ever needed was her.Um,yeah,i know that this sounds crazy,but thats how i see it.

I loved the story.It was beautiful and at the same time crazy.

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