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Review:The Eve by Keary Taylor.

A plan was laid out as the Evolution crushed mankind, a plan that was right under Eden’s nose all along. And Eve is the key to everything. New Eden—mankind—they have a small chance at fixing their dismembered planet.

But it will be a reckless sprint against time and the coming Bane to retrieve the final piece to the plot. New Eden’s worst fears have become reality. The Bane are back in the city and they’re smarter and more aggressive than ever. They know where the humans are and they’re coming to finish what they’ve nearly completed.

Eve has been content with the family she’s found—Avian, West, Gabriel, Royce. But she’s about to discover she may have the one family Eve never thought she would: blood. With every odd stacked against her, all the lies and all the secrets of her origins will be exposed.

The past and the future are about to come full circle.


Here i am again writing about one of my favorite series,but this time i hate admiting that i write about the last book in The Eden trilogy series.
I wish this wasn't the end because the story was too good to end and i'm sad.The fact that it had a happy ending makes me want to dance and that's something good,right?

Well,let's just say that after everything that happened in the first books i expected something bad and ugly to happen.And in a way that happened.
There were so many things that happened.Between Eve finding out that she could save the world and finding out about her sister,i couldn't wait to read more about how she and the scientists could stop the Banes.That sounded really interested,until i got to read that part and my heart almost stoped.Cause it was bad.And i almost cried.Too emotional .But i guess it had to happen,right?Well,i'm trying to recover after that.

So..There is a chance to stop every single Bane and Eve knows that she could do that.I loved her for that.She was willing to sacrifice herself for everyone ,even if she shouldn't have to.But that had to happen in order for everyone to survive.I'm not saying that i'm okay with the part about sacrifice..I'm not,because it wasn't fair for her,but i guess that was the only chance.
I loved the fact that she was strong,a leader(without knowing or accepting),a surviver and of course a woman who loved with all her heart .She was capable of doing everything to help the ones who she loved and who loved her.And she did so many things for those people,especially for Avian.She may hated West a little,but in the end she accepted the fact that he hided everything from her because he was wrong when he thought she was her sister,Eve One.

And here is the part where i almost fell out of my chair when i found out that Eve One was alive..Good God.This happened to me twice..And now again?Yikes.But the decision Eve made?That was even better.
I should have guessed that something huge was going to happen after they decided to go to NovaTor Biotics..But i never expected this.
And Creed?I'm so happy she survived.She was so little and fragile,but i suppose that she came in the right place at the right moment,because without her Avian wouldn't have been okay after that horrible moment.
Too many details?Ops.I'm sorry.I'll try in the next sentences to write less details..

Once again the book was full of action and ups and downs.But what dystopian book is without those things?In all of them you will find action and ups and downs.Well,not all of them are bad and not all of them are good.But some are in between,making the story look more interesting and making you wish some things never happend.Geez.I'm not really sure why i always end up writing "but",maybe because i keep finding something to write about and let's just say that i have a lot to write about this book.
The action wasn't simple at all and i loved how Keary wrote everything.Nothing was simple.A few scenes were complicated,a few were too intense.
The characters were amazing and strong,full of live and prepared to fight for their world.And that's what i liked the most.The fact that they weren't backing down.That they still had hope that one day everything was going to be okay.

I am happy to admit that i loved the story from the beginning and even more i loved Eve.She's not the only characters who made her way in my heart.Avian,West,Gabriel ,Royce and even Vee-those are the names i will always remember and smile because i really enjoyed reading about those characters.About they struggled to fight every day and their desire to survive.Cause in the end what really matters is that Eve did it .In the end The Bane lost the fight againts the world,against Eve.
And i think i'm going to cry right now..Why did it had to end?
It was hard for me to read the last chapters,when i thought that the book will have a bad end.My eyes were filled with tears but i really hoped that something will change.That Eve will find a way to come back to Avian and the people who loved her.And she did it.And i almost jumped up and down because i was sooo happy.

This was the end of an amazing story about fighting and surving.About human beings trying to get their world back and their struggle to stay together and fight against their enemies.About love and hatred.About desire to win and the need to do something good .About waiting for something good to happen.And about sacrifice.But in the end this book was about :hope for a better future.

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