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Review:The Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa.

In the real world, when you vanish into thin air for a week, people tend to notice.

After his unexpected journey into the lands of the fey, Ethan Chase just wants to get back to normal. Well, as "normal" as you can be when you see faeries every day of your life. Suddenly the former loner with the bad reputation has someone to try for-his girlfriend, Kenzie. Never mind that he's forbidden to see her again.

But when your name is Ethan Chase and your sister is one of the most powerful faeries in the Nevernever, "normal" simply isn't to be. For Ethan's nephew, Keirran, is missing, and may be on the verge of doing something unthinkable in the name of saving his own love. Something that will fracture the human and faery worlds forever, and give rise to the dangerous fey known as the Forgotten. As Ethan's and Keirran's fates entwine and Keirran slips further into darkness, Ethan's next choice may decide the fate of them all.


It is not a secret that Julie Kagawa's stories are my favorite,especially if they are about Nevernever.Every time i start a new book written by her i expect the best,and until now i can say that i was never dissapointed,cause that it's impossible.

Once again Ethan Chase tries to stay away from everything that has to do with faeries,but that is impossible,since he has the Sight and his sister is a part of that world.This time Ethan knows that he can't go back to his normal life,not after he disspeared in Nevernever with Kenzie..This time Ethan has to do something to help his nephew,the Iron Prince,to do something nearly impossible.What will Ethan do?Help Keirran with his impossible task or stay away from the faeries?

First i admit that i was really excited when i started the book.That was because once again i could read about my favorite characters and story,something that i want to do all the time.
Yes,i love the Iron Fey series and i wish that this series will never end.Pretty please?
Honestly,this book was really good.Between Ethan desire to stay away from the faeries and the fact that he finally accepted the thought that he and Kenzie were together,his nephew went missing.The Iron Prince ran away and his parents were looking for him everywhere.

I liked Keirran,i admit that he was fun and interesting,but at some point i kind of wanted him to just go home back in Nevernever and to stop puting Ethan in danger.Gah!Well,that didn't happen,so i guess i just have to accept that.His task?That was impossible,but he was trying so hard to save Annwyl and it was amazing his desire to save her ,even if that meant to sacrifice himself.Ugh,i can't hate him.He made some mistakes,huge mistakes,but in the end that happened and i can't ignore them.

Ethan?Well,he was a though guy who was maddly in love with a girl(something he didn't realize at first) and who was trying to do something good for his sister and nephew.His intentions were good ,but what happened at the end of the book?That.Was.Not.What.It.Was.Supposed.To.Happen.Not after all he's been through.Not after all he did for Keirran.Nope.But it happend and i was speechless.Betrayal.I really,really don't like that.And i really,really want the next book!
And Kenzie..Good god,that girl was really stubborn,but that was what i liked the most about her.She didn't give up on Ethan and she didn't let him stop her going with him.

Honestly,even if the end left me speechless,i wouldn't change a thing from this book.Everything happened for a reason,and it was amazing,even if a few times i didn't like what happened.That is something normal.
The Forgotten-i still can't get used to them.They are really strange,or maybe it is just me who thinks that.
And the whole thing with the prophecy?I swear i didn't expect this.It wasn't fair and i can't wait to read more.I'm curious and i hope that i can wait until the next book will come out.

Grimalkin,Puck,Ash and Meghan-I missed those characters and i'm really happy that i could read about them again,even if it was just a little.

All i want to add is that you have to read this,but first if you didn't read The Iron Fey series(the beginning of everything) you have to do that first,and then The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten.You won't regret it.

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“I'll explain it to you. To me it's more than a game." She touches her chest and says, "When you love something as much as I love football, you just feel it inside. Did you ever love doing something so bad that it consumed you?"

"A long time ago."

"That's what football is to me. It's my passion, my life… my escape. When I play, I forget everything that sucks in my life. And when we win…" She looks down like she's embarrassed to admit what she's about to reveal. "I know this is going to sound stupid, but when we win I think miracles can happen.”

Implinirea de Sylvia Day la Litera!

Seducție. Înlănțuire. Împlinire. Eva și Gideon înfruntă demonii trecutului și acceptă consecințele dorințelor lor obsesive.

„Din clipa când l-am întâlnit pentru prima dată pe Gideon Cross, am recunoscut în el ceva după care tânjeam. Ceva ce era irezistibil pentru mine. Dar am văzut şi sufletul periculos şi rănit din interior – atât de asemănător cu al meu – de care am fost atrasă fără putinţă de scăpare. Aveam nevoie de el aşa cum aveam nevoie de bătăile inimii mele. Nimeni nu ştie cât de mult a riscat pentru mine. Cât de ameninţată am fost sau cât de întunecate şi periculoase vor deveni umbrele din trecutul nostru. Înlănţuiţi de propriile secrete, am încercat să sfidăm soarta. Ne-am făcut propriile reguli şi ne-am abandonat complet posesiunii depline...”

Seria Crossfire a fost publicată până în prezent în 40 de ţări, devenind unul dintre cele mai mari succese comerciale din lume.

12 milioane de exemplare vândute la nivel mondial!

Sursa: Litera

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Cover Reveal: Sweet Reckoning (The Sweet Trilogy #3)

It’s time.

Evil is running rampant and sweet Anna Whitt is its target. Nobody knows when or how the Dukes will strike, but Anna and her Nephilim allies will do anything necessary to rid the earth of the demons and their oppressive ways.

The stakes are higher than ever, and Anna is determined that the love she feels will be her strength, not a liability. But trying to protect the ones she loves while running for her life and battling demonic forces proves to be perilous—especially as faces are changing and trust is fleeting. When the Duke of Lust sends Anna’s great love, Kaidan Rowe, to work against her, Anna must decide how much she’s prepared to risk.

In the most sensual and fast-paced installment yet, Sweet Reckoning brings all the beloved Neph together one last time to fight for their freedom.

Expected publication: April 29th 2014 by HarperTeen

Cover Reveal: Wasted Heart (Ruining Spinoff)

“Who are you?”

The image in the mirror staring back at me feigns disinterest.

Rock star? Recovering addict? Murderer?

How can you explain to someone what it’s like not to care? Not about yourself or the person standing next to you. I’ve lost that, the ability to feel and show affection. I do, however, have a heart. Sometimes, when I chase the dragon, it thunders through my head like a drum, reminding me it still beats. It’s still there.

Hollow.​ Empty.​ Wasted.

My agent says I have one more shot. A single, solitary chance to stay in the music biz, but there is one massive problem. HER.

***This is a stand-alone book. It is a spin-off from the Ruining Series; however, you do not have to read the series to read Rhye's story.

Expected publication: October 22nd 2013


„Prindeţi-vă centurile: a sosit un nou volum al acestei aventuri palpitante… Plin de nerv şi captivant… fanii îl vor devora pe nerăsuflate.” ─ KLIATT

Max, Fang, Nudge, Iggy, Gasman şi Angel ─ şi, bineînţeles, câinele vorbitor Total ─ au fost capturaţi din nou de către Şcoală. Aceasta însă nu mai e interesată de experienţele făcute pe copii, căci oamenii de ştiinţă au decis că este vremea să îi „retragă” definitiv pe hibrizii umano-aviari, în favoarea unei noi generaţii de mutanţi.
Înscrişi şi ei pe lista de exterminare de către oamenii de ştiinţă care i-au creat, Max şi gaşca ei ─ toţi deţinători de ADN aviar şi aripi funcţionale ─ descoperă că Şcoala este doar o mică parte dintr-o mare corporaţie multinaţională malefică numită Itex, care are ca scop eliminarea a jumătate din populaţia lumii. Doar câţiva au fost aleşi de către Itex pentru a supravieţui, şi aceştia sunt meniţi a crea o utopie pe planeta rămasă mult mai goală.
Când Max realizează însă că a fost creată pentru a salva lumea, ea hotărăşte că a venit momentul să-şi urmeze destinul şi să-şi asume rolul de salvatoare a omenirii ─ să înfrunte, alături de stolul ei, inamicul suprem şi să oprească implementarea Re-Evoluţiei, sinistrul experiment eugenic.
La fel ca şi celelalte două volume anterioare, Salvarea lumi şi alte sporturi extreme este o aventură uluitoare, plină de acţiune, comedie şi dramă, răsturnări de situaţie, întâlniri neaşteptate şi momente neprevăzute, dragoste, descoperiri formidabile şi lupte pe viaţă şi pe moarte. Într-un cuvânt, o lectură fascinantă, ca o cursă într-un montagne-russe, ce te lasă cu răsuflarea tăiată.

„Patterson ştie unde sunt ascunse cele mai tainice temeri ale noastre… Nimic nu-i poate opri imaginaţia.” ─ New York Times
„Capitole scurte, pline de acţiune, al căror sfârşit îţi taie mereu răsuflarea; răsturnări de situaţie pe fiecare pagină… Adrenalină din belşug.” ─ Kirkus
„…menită a deveni o lucrare clasică. Când tensionată, când amuzantă… o carte excelentă şi bine gândită.” ─ Charleston Gazette-Mail

Cartea are 416 pagini, formatul 13×20 cm, ediţia este cartonată, cu supracopertă, şi preţul de listă 39,90 lei. La precomandă beneficiaţi de 25% reducere şi transport gratuit.


NICIODATĂ ÎMPREUNĂ? de J. A. Redmerski (The Edge of Never) la editura Trei

Bestseller New York Times, USA Today şi Wall Street Journal

Camryn Bennett, o tânără în vârstă de douăzeci de ani, crede că ştie exact în ce direcţie se îndreaptă viaţa ei. Însă după o noapte de pomină la cel mai extravagant club din Raleigh, North Carolina, şochează pe toată lumea – inclusiv pe sine – când se hotărăşte să renunţe la singura viaţă pe care a cunoscut-o vreodată şi să ia totul de la început. Având la ea doar poşeta şi telefonul mobil, Camryn se urcă într-un autobuz Greyhoud, gata să se găsească pe sine însăşi. În schimb, îl găseşte pe Andrew Parrish.
Sexy şi provocator, Andrew o face să simtă dragostea şi pasiunea în feluri pe care Camryn nu şi le ar fi imaginat niciodată. Însă bărbatul din viaţa ei ascunde un secret. Îi va apropia acesta definitiv sau îi va distruge ireversibil?

„NICIODATĂ ÎMPREUNA? te face dependent de stilul său alert şi seducător. Empatizezi cu povestea lui Camryn, o tânără insensibilă la orice emoţie. Singurul care o poate face să renască este fermecătorul Andrew – deviza lui e trăieşte clipa! -- RT Book Reviews

Erotism şi pasiune, într un roman de cinci stele!

J.A. Redmerski locuieşte în North Little Rock, Arkansas, împreună cu cei trei copii ai săi şi un câine maltez. Iubeşte televiziunea şi cărţile nonconformiste.