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Profilele personajelor din filmul Divergent.


Muscular, strong, mentally tough, and emotionally guarded, Four is one the leaders in the Dauntless faction with a mysterious past. As an instructor, Four becomes close with Tris and helps guide her during her initiation process.
Tris Prior

Originally born into Abnegation, Tris is idealistic, vulnerable, determined, and curious by nature. When faced with the biggest decision of her life, she struggles between choosing her family and her yearning desire to discover her true identity.


Leader of the Erudite faction, Jeanine is cold, calculating, and wickedly manipulative. Despite her gifted intelligence, Jeanine’s unscrupulous desire for absolute control poses a serious threat to the five factions.


Kind, empathetic, but also fearless, Christina instantly befriends Tris as they enter the Dauntless faction together.

Born into Candor but aspiring to be Dauntless, Al’s natural kind-heartedness prevents him from fitting in. Big, warm, and at times clumsy, Al is constantly torn between friendship and envy.


With exceptional close-encounter combat skills, Edward has the rare athleticism to thrive as a Dauntless initiate despite his Erudite upbringing.


As a Dauntless initiate, Molly uses brute strength and intense cruelty to compete against her peers.


Originally born into Candor, Peter joins Dauntless and uses evil cunning and cruel violence to advance in the initiation process.


In contrast to the other Dauntless initiates, Will is able to apply his Erudite intelligence and use teamwork as a strength during their initiation.


Eric is a tough, brutal leader in the Dauntless faction who becomes an early adversary of Tris.


Fierce, intense and fearless, Max establishes himself as one of the premiere leaders within the Dauntless faction.


Tori is a member of the Dauntless faction who administers Tris’ aptitude test and first discovers that Tris is Divergent. As she continues to provide Tris with advice, the two establish a bond that helps Tris throughout her journey.

Caleb Prior

Tris’s older brother, Caleb is selfless at heart but chooses to leave his home for a life of knowledge in the Rudite faction.

Andrew Prior

A leader of the Abnegation faction, Andrew is a loving and, devoted father to Tris and Caleb.

Natalie Prior

Tris’s mother embodies the true meaning of selflessness and kindness and carries a startling secret that shocks and inspires her daughter.

 Marcus Eaton

As a council member of the Abnegation faction, Marcus struggles between his family and the responsibility of leading a faction faced with uncertainty.

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