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Review: The Blasphemy Box by Mandy Behbehani

Wry, witty contemporary women’s fiction with romantic elements, Bridget Jones meets Nora Ephron.

Maddy Nelson has an idyllic existence: a handsome husband, great kids, a comfortable, affluent lifestyle. One morning soon after she turns fifty, however, she wakes up in her San Francisco home to find her husband Steven announcing that he’s leaving her for a woman half her age. And a third of her size.


Feeling totally unmoored and grieving for her married life and husband, Maddy finds herself thrust into an unfamiliar and uncomfortable world of middle-aged singledom. There, she must come to terms with her situation and embark on her new life: divorce proceedings, single parenting, internet dating, and trying to earn a living. It’s enough to drive her over the brink. To help her cope, she shares her struggles in a smart, wry blog named The Blasphemy Box, after her ex-husband’s obnoxious habit of having her drop a quarter into a wooden box every time she said something off color. Her madcap middle-aged adventures find her devoted readers who identify with her challenges.

In time, Maddy creates herself and finds happiness in the arms of a good man, and a fulfilling new career as a novelist.


"The Blasphemy Box" is a book about a woman who had to go through a hard divorce to finally realize who she was,what she really wanted and what she deserved.

This maybe wasn't exactly the perfect book,or the kind of book i usually read,but i admit that it was something new and good.
It was a little strange because almost all the characters where divorced- too much,and not in a good way.
Honestly,i liked Maddy.She was a smart,beautiful woman and a good mother.A good writer- i really thought that her blog and everything she wrote were pretty good.Even without her husband-whom was in my opinion unsufferable- she was perfectly capable to do anything on her own.Hard at the beginning,at some point it got easier.

Well,the good things was that the whole divorce process didn't turned out to be a major disaster,how i thought at the beginning.

Steven?I didn't like him at all,and at some point i aske myself:How Maddy lived for so many years with a man like him?
Mike?Adorable.Perfect.Romantic.And the list goes on.Exactly what Maddy deserved.

So many things happened.Some were good.Some were bad.It wasn't easy,but it was necessary.In some way that's the harsh face of an reality no one wants to see.The problem is that you don't get to choose that.It just happens.

Why the title?Well, in the book there was a box in which Maddy had to put coins every time she cursed.Who invented the box?Steven.Ugh.

The book was not bad.If it wasn't for all those divorced characters,and only about Maddy,my opinion would not be the same.

Mainly,this book is for those who got through a divorce or they are at that point.A little support so they'll know their world doesn't have to end in that moment.
I know this review is really short,but i can't find words to describe this book.I don't regret reading it,but i don't know what to write!Honestly..

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