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Review:A fractured Light by Jocelyn Davies

A Fractured LightA Fractured Light by Jocelyn Davies
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 "We weren't light and we weren't dark. We were the in-between . We were somenthing fractured and put back together again,better,stronger,illuminating the night. "

Skye Parker has a decision to make between The Rebellion and The Order,but how can she choose when a part tried to kill her and the other maybe wants to use her?
This book was more about Skye's feelings and her struggles to understand if she should join The Rebellion and why Devin did what he did at the end of the first book.

There were too many things that made me doubt that Asher was trying to convince her to join The Rebellion just because they wanted to use. I never believed and i was on his side from the beginning.

I guess i'll never understand the reason why The Rebellion and The Order are trying to destroy each other,but i'm kind of glad that Skye realized what she needed to do in the end.

Oh,Devin. That boy made me hate him when he tried to kill Skye ,but the fact that he had no free will was the reason that helped me hope that maybe he'll do something to change that. And he did!
Of course,right then Skye made her decision to.

In A Fractured Light i hoped that i would read more about Skye's parents . All i discovered was who Aunt Jo was and a few things that led to Skye's decision.
Of course i was shocked a few times because of Raven and Skye's visions. I didn't expect those things to happen like i didn't expect Devin to betray Skye in A Beautiful Dark.

Sometimes i wonder if this war will ever end. In each book i learned a little about The Rebellion and The Order and finally a little about the new faction Skye's parents tried to form.

What i don't understand is why all the good scenes-the ones where always the unexpected happens- happen at the end of the book. Trust me i'm not complaining . Those scenes are always the best ones. The ones who makes you wish you could read the next book fast.

I admit that i liked some parts and disliked others. Mainly i disliked the fact that Skye doubted that Asher loved her and she did some things without thinking twice. But i'm impresse how things turned out to be.

A Fractured Light wasn't how i imagined. The book could have been much better. Maybe i didn't like the fact that half of the book left me confused because of how Skye felt. I'm not really sure.

The characters were good. I liked how Devin changed and showed that he regreted what he did. I was glad and at the end i was speechless.
This Asher even if he tried to help Skye i hated him a little because he had so many secrets and he lied.

Cassie, Dan and Ian- i don't even know what to write about them. Maybe only the fact that i'm glad they found out the truth and they were amazing friends. And Aunt Jo-well,that was a surprise i didn't expect.

The book was good but like i said it could've been much better.

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