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“You are perfect the way you are." Blay's voice was strong. "There is nothing wrong with who and what you have always been.I'm proud of you. And I love you. Now... and always."
Qhuinn's vision got wavy. Hard-core.
"I'm proud of you. And I love you," Blay repeated. "Always. Forget about your old family... you have me now. I am your family.”

City of Bones- postere noi + poze de la WonderCon 2013.

Lily,Jamie,Kevin si Cassie au fost la WonderCon 2013.Am gasit cateva poze si un video filmat de un fan.Din pacate nu am prea multe detalii despre ce s-a intamplat acolo ,dar macar am gasit acele clipuri.Enjoy!

Tot la WonderCon au fost prezentate doua postere noi pentru personajele Clary si Jace aka Lily si Jamie.

O sa postez mai tarziu pozele de la WonderCon sau puteti intra pe pagina de facebook : Mortal Instruments Romania unde puteti sa le gasiti pe toate.

In data de 1 Aprilie-adica maine- o sa apara un trailer nou !O sa-l postez pe blog si pe facebook!

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Castigatoarea concursului Picture Perfect este...

Castigatoarea acestui concurs va primi un mail de la autoare cu cartea.
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Review:A fractured Light by Jocelyn Davies

A Fractured LightA Fractured Light by Jocelyn Davies
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 "We weren't light and we weren't dark. We were the in-between . We were somenthing fractured and put back together again,better,stronger,illuminating the night. "

Skye Parker has a decision to make between The Rebellion and The Order,but how can she choose when a part tried to kill her and the other maybe wants to use her?
This book was more about Skye's feelings and her struggles to understand if she should join The Rebellion and why Devin did what he did at the end of the first book.

There were too many things that made me doubt that Asher was trying to convince her to join The Rebellion just because they wanted to use. I never believed and i was on his side from the beginning.

I guess i'll never understand the reason why The Rebellion and The Order are trying to destroy each other,but i'm kind of glad that Skye realized what she needed to do in the end.

Oh,Devin. That boy made me hate him when he tried to kill Skye ,but the fact that he had no free will was the reason that helped me hope that maybe he'll do something to change that. And he did!
Of course,right then Skye made her decision to.

In A Fractured Light i hoped that i would read more about Skye's parents . All i discovered was who Aunt Jo was and a few things that led to Skye's decision.
Of course i was shocked a few times because of Raven and Skye's visions. I didn't expect those things to happen like i didn't expect Devin to betray Skye in A Beautiful Dark.

Sometimes i wonder if this war will ever end. In each book i learned a little about The Rebellion and The Order and finally a little about the new faction Skye's parents tried to form.

What i don't understand is why all the good scenes-the ones where always the unexpected happens- happen at the end of the book. Trust me i'm not complaining . Those scenes are always the best ones. The ones who makes you wish you could read the next book fast.

I admit that i liked some parts and disliked others. Mainly i disliked the fact that Skye doubted that Asher loved her and she did some things without thinking twice. But i'm impresse how things turned out to be.

A Fractured Light wasn't how i imagined. The book could have been much better. Maybe i didn't like the fact that half of the book left me confused because of how Skye felt. I'm not really sure.

The characters were good. I liked how Devin changed and showed that he regreted what he did. I was glad and at the end i was speechless.
This Asher even if he tried to help Skye i hated him a little because he had so many secrets and he lied.

Cassie, Dan and Ian- i don't even know what to write about them. Maybe only the fact that i'm glad they found out the truth and they were amazing friends. And Aunt Jo-well,that was a surprise i didn't expect.

The book was good but like i said it could've been much better.

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Review:Deeper We Fall by Chelsea Cameron

Two years after her best friend was involved in a car accident that caused a traumatic brain injury, Lottie Anders is ready to start her freshman year of college. Ready to move on. Ready to start forgetting the night that ripped her life apart.

Her plans come to a screeching halt when not one, but both brothers responsible for the accident end up back in her life again.

Zack is cruel, selfish and constantly rubbing what happened to her friend in Lottie's face.

Zan is different. He listens to her awkward ramblings. He loves "To Kill a Mockingbird" as much as she does, and his dark eyes are irresistible. His words are few and far between, but when he does speak, she can't help but listen.

The trouble is, Zan was the driver in the accident, and now Lottie's discovered he lied to her about what happened that night. Now she must decide if trusting him again will lead to real forgiveness, or deeper heartache.


This is the first book written by Chelsea i read and i loved it.
Well,thats a way to begin the review because i'm not really sure how to start.Yeah,i'm trying to find the right thing to write.
Deeper We Fall was a beautiful story about a tragic accident and how the main characters life changed after that.
Lottie's life wasn't the same after what happened to her best friend,Lexie,but she tried so hard to keep moving on with her life ,but she couldn't stop blaming herself for letting Lexie leave with the Parker boys.And Zan's life-two years he paid for something that happened ,but he wasn't the one to blame.

At first i thought that Zan was really strange-he acted really strange,but i have to admit that the way he acted sometimes made me laugh.
It was fun reading ,but i liked it even more when he finally made a move and talked with Lottie.
Lottie was amazing.Strong and fierce.Loyal and a good friend.I liked how close she was with her brother.That was pretty amazing.But Will was one of the character whom was placed on the good list,not bad.
It was strange how the relationship between Lottie and Zan started.She hated him for so long and i thought that made they won't talk or even do something about anything.
Yeah,it was hard and i understand why she hated both Zan and Zack.Let's say that i hated Zack too,with all my heart.And i have a good reason to hate him.But Zan?No way!
Deeper We Fall at first was slow but it got better and better.I'm glad it was written like this.Zan and Lottie's point o views,althought i'm pretty sure that it could have been good only in Lotties point of view.Anyway.

Between Lottie's hatred and Zan's need to apologize every single moment,i started to think that maybe they both were trying to hide the fact that even the accindent or what really happened in that night couldn't hide the way they acted.

But there was something else-a secret that Zan kept and only one person knew.That secret once again changed the way Lottie thought about Zan.Exactly what was missing right in that moment.I never suspected,but i kind of thought it was weird how Zan acted every time someone talked about the accident.

For those who love books who start with an hate/love relationship-even if it's just one part hate(Lottie) and the other one love(Zan) - i suggest you read this book.

Talk about roller coaster.

The only character i disliked was Zack,Zan's brother.The other ones-Will,Simon,Katie,Trish,Audrey and Stryker were amazing.But my favorites were Lottie and Zan.

This book was really good.I laughed out loud.I hated and loved some parts.I got mad-that was only Zack's fault.Well.But what i really loved was the fact that the truth finally did something good.
If you want a lesson about real friendship you have it in this book.Not only about friendship,also about real love and how love could change everything.There is a fine line between hate and love,somehow love always wins.

Divergent-primele poze de la locatie.

Aceste poze sunt de la platoul de filmare din Chicago.Inca nu au inceput sa filmeze(asta se va intampla din 1 Aprilie).
Pozele au fost postate pe twitter de DivergentFansUk.
Ei, uite cum totul incepe.Cate putin,cate putin si cum timpul trece foarte repede probabil in curand o sa aflam alte noutati despre film.Sincera sa fiu eu sunt nerabadatoare sa aflu mai multe.

Sageata rosie din ultima poza arata spre Sears Tower cunoscut ca The Hub in seria Divergent.

Lena si Alex -prima poza.

O sa incep cu un "In Sfarsit!" deoarece am asteptat de ceva vreme poza asta.Poate suna aiurea..dar speram sa vad mai repede o poza cu Daren Kagasoff si Emma Roberts impreuna.
Daca inca nu ati aflat despre faptul ca seria Delirium o sa fie ecranizata atunci aflati acum.O sa fie serial..Cateva schimbari care dupa parerea mea sunt destul de majore..dar ce pot sa spun.

A aparut in sfarsit poza cu actori principali,adica Daren si Emma.Personajele lor se numesc Alex Sheathes si Lena Haloway.

Daca inca nu ati citit seria Delirium va recomand sa faceti asta! E una dintre seriile mele preferate..Care din fericire o sa fie publicata la editura Litera!

Review:Ixeos by Jennings Wright (+giveaway)

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Book description:

The McClellands are enjoying a lazy summer vacation at the beach when they are lured from our world into Ixeos, an alternate Earth. Finding themselves lost in a maze of tunnels under Paris and surrounded by strangers, they discover that they have been brought to Ixeos for one purpose: to take the planet back from humanoid aliens who have claimed it. With the aid of the tunnels and a mysterious man named Landon, the teens travel the world seeking the key that will allow them to free Darian, the long-imprisoned rebel leader. But the aliens aren't the only problem on Ixeos -- the McClellands have to deal with brutal gangs, desperate junkies, and a world without power, where all the technology is owned by the aliens, and where most of the population has been killed or enslaved. The worst part? There's no way home.

Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes&Noble

About the Author:

Born and raised in Rockledge, Florida, Jennings spent her early years reading anything she could get her hands on, when she wasn't spending time in and on the water. She won a prize in the 6th grade for her science fiction stories.

Jennings attended the University of the South and the University of Tampa, graduating with a B.A. in Political Science, and almost enough credits for B.A.s in both English and History. She spent time over the years doing various kinds of script doctoring, business writing, editing, and teaching writing, but mostly having and raising her family, homeschooling her children, owning and running a business with her husband, and starting a non-profit to Uganda.

Thanks to a crazy idea called NaNoWriMo Jennings got back into creative writing in 2011 and hasn't stopped since. She's written four novels and a screenplay in less than a year, with more ideas on the drawing board. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband, also a writer, and two children, and travels extensively.


I'm pretty sure this will sound a little funny but this is the first time i read a book like this one about so many mixed things.Between aliens  and humans trying to save the world all i could think about was how a few characters solved the misteries some couldn't.Yeah,well ,if only that was on my mind what can i say about the rest?A lot.

Aliens?Well,there is a place named Ixeos,where aliens or Firsts ,destroyed the world we know.Ixeos is not very different from Earth .There are places that look exactly like those on Earth,but the difference is that the Firsts control everything.

From the beginning we learn a little about the main characters and then we get to read about the tunnels in Ixeos.
At first i was confused because i didn't understand what was all about.The ducks-well,that was original- and those three kids-Neahle , Clay and Marty.Yeah,i have to admit that i thought that maybe i won't like what will happen or that the characters accepted their fate too easy,but after a while i started to understand that it wasn't exactly how i thought.And my opinion changed.
It took me awhile to finally figure it out what the subject was about and i admit that it was interesting.

Danger.A little violence.Action-something i can't pass.

What i liked was that the author got to the subject and showed me exactly what i wanted to read.I mean i wasn't dissapointed and i was really curious to read how everything happened.How the people lived in those tunnels.How they survived all this time.How they planned to fight back.Details that are hard not to want to know when you kind of expect  everything to end quickly.I didn't.

It was a little strange ,that i have to admit.Mainly what was strang was how everything started -one moment the world was normal and then BAM everything changed.I can't ignore that but i was excited.That doesn't happen to me all the time.

This was another way to test the humans,right?Well,i wonder what would happen in real life...
From the moment Neahle,Clay and Marty entered in Ixeos they started giving hope to those caught in that place.I know why..but i can't tell.

Everyone was there for a reason.Everyone had a purpose and because of that they were led in that place.

My favorite characters were Neahle ,Clay and Marty.They were smart and kind of incredible.Each of them helped in a way and it was exciting to read about how they worked so hard.Of course,they weren't the only ones who workeed hard,but for me they always were on first place.

It's amazing how the author came up the idea of Ixeos and everything.Strange but at the same time amazing.
I'm looking forward to reading the next book.The idea of reading more about Darian's plans,what the Firsts will do and everything else is too good to ignore.And there are too many things i want to know!So pretty please i want to book fast!

Giveaway:$25 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash from Author Jennings Wright

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Everything For Us (The Bad Boys #3)-Cover Reveal.

When it comes to passion this hot, it’s all or nothing.

Olivia Townsend’s wealthy cousin Marissa had everything a girl could ask for—a great job, a privileged life, and all the friends she wanted. Or, at least, all the friends money could buy. But one case of mistaken identity has turned her privileged world upside down.

An abduction gone wrong lands her right in the lap of the sexiest, most dangerous man she’s ever met. To Marissa, he’s an enigma, but one to whom she’s irresistibly, inexplicably drawn.

With him comes a new world of freedom and passion, of dark shadows and dangerous secrets, a world where nothing is what it seems—except for the blind passion that Marissa can’t escape—or maybe even survive.

Expected publication: September 3rd 2013

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The Last Hour by Charles Sheehan-Miles -Cover Reveal

Title: The Last Hour
Author: Charles Sheehan-Miles
Genre: Contemporary fiction
Age Group: Adult
Cover Designer: Okay Creations
Expected release date: May 15, 2013

Book Description:

Twenty-seven year old Carrie Thompson-Sherman has the life she always wanted: her PhD, a prestigious fellowship, and an amazing husband. 

Her life begins to unravel as a jealous colleague puts her fellowship in jeopardy and a haunting secret Ray Sherman carried home from Afghanistan comes to light. 

Hounded by a federal investigation and the ensuing media feeding frenzy, Carrie and Ray desperately lean on each other, until a disastrous accident puts both Ray and her sister's lives at risk. 

In the last hour, Carrie and Ray will each find themselves faced with a choice.

A choice that will change everything.

About the Author
Charles Sheehan-Miles has been a soldier, computer programmer, short-order cook and non-profit executive. He is the author of several fiction and non-fiction books, including the indie bestsellers Just Remember to Breathe and Republic: A Novel of America's Future.

The Fiery Heart Excerpt.

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City Of Bones Theatrical Trailer — a sneak peek.

Autoarea Cassandra Clare a postat pe contul ei de tumbrl cateva poze din urmatorul trailer al filmului City Of Bones care va avea premiera in curand.Sunt 5 poze si cate o descriere micuta.

Clary in the library at the Institute. 
A particular greenhouse … 
A photograph of Jocelyn from days gone by. 
Looking better in black. 
The High Warlock of Brooklyn.

Delirium - poze de pe twitter.

As putea sa spun ca partea buna de cand am aflat actorii alesi pentru acest serial sau mai bine spus de cand a inceput nebunia cu serialul Delirium este ca in fiecare zi sau o data la nu stiu cat timp Gregg,Daren sau Jeanine au postat pe contul lor de twitter diferite poze-cu ei sau cu locatia.
Sincera sa fiu eu ma bucur.Cum sunt o fana mare a seriei Delirium -chiar daca nu sunt de acord cu schimbarile care au fost anuntate ca se vor face la serial- si vreau sa aflu ce se intampla pe acolo.
Halena!Poza a fost postata de Jeanine Mason pe contul ei de twitter.Desi in care Hana e blonda se pare ca au decis sa faca o schimbare.Ei,ce sa ma zic..

Emma mi se pare perfecta pentru rolul Lenei.Recunosc ca nu imi amintesc sa o fi vazut in filme sau seriale-sau daca am vazut-o am uitat(mi se mai intampla..cam des).Dar ce mai conteaza?Sper doar sa numa dezamageasca.
Cele doua poze de mai sus au fost postate de Gregg pe contul lui de twitter.Da,sunt de la platoul de filmare,insa nu se stie cui ii apartine acel loc.

 O sa continui sa postez si pozele pe care le mai am dar cum nu mai stiu care cum au fost postate o sa le pun doar fara comentarii. :)

Stealing Harper (Taking Chances #2)

Expected publication: June 4th 2013 by William Morrow