miercuri, 13 februarie 2013

Noutati despre serialul Delirium..

Entertainment Weekly a anuntat recent cine va interpreta rolul lui Thomas Fineman.Daca ati citit al doilea volum din seria Delirium atunci sunt sigura ca stiti cine este Thomas.

Actorul ales este: Billy Campbell
Mai jos gasiti un articol scurt postat de Entertainment Weekly despre Billy si rolul sau.

Fox has cast Billy Campbell as Delirium‘s top villain. The Killing actor has joined the promising project, which is based on a series of bestselling young adult novels by Lauren Oliver. In Delirium, a 17-year-old (star Emma Roberts) in a post-apocalyptic North America illegally falls in love. Campbell will play Thomas Fineman. Here’s his character’s official description: “Wearing a conservative suit, with laser-white teeth and a John Boehner tan, he’s a wealthy political leader, the head of a lobbying organization called Deliria Free America. Married with one son, Fineman opposes the social chaos caused by ‘Deliria’ and supports the use of the brain modification that prevents citizens from falling in love and leads to a peaceful, ordered society. At difficult times, Fineman’s friendly facade shatters into unbridled rage.”
Pana acum doar Lena si Thomas au fost alesi .Daca nu ati aflat pana acum Emma Roberts va interpreta rolul Lenei.

Eu sunt curioasa ce actor o sa fie ales pentru rolul lui Alex.

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