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Short Review:Exhale by Jennifer Snyder.

ExhaleExhale by Jennifer Snyder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Short Review:

Well,this was something new.The story was good,but i gotta admit that i didn't like what happened to Kyle,but i was a little mad because he acted like that.

At first i tried to compare the twins,but even if they were looking the same Derek was the one i liked the most.That was because i didn't like Kyle's attitude.

Katie-I liked her because she knew what she wanted,but somehow the guilt made her do stupid things.

Kyle-He wanted something he couldn't have and what happened to him was tragic,but he was the one to blame.

Derek-The kind of brother who tried to hide his feelings because he knew he could hurt his twin,but in the end things didn't end good.

Hiding something is never a good thing and what can happen is always bad or good..but sometimes you gotta ask yourself: Is it worth hiding?Or tell the truth and face the consequences?

I stayed until late to read this book because i wanted to know what will happen between Katie and Derek.
There were moments when i liked how they acted,but also there were moments when i wanted to throw the book because Katie was so stubborn.

Well,at least the end was good.

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