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Review:The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski.

The Edge of NeverThe Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was exactly the kind of story i needed to read right now.I absolutely loved it!
Amazing characters.Amazing story.Well,i think that describes all.I liked the way the author wrote everything.How Camryn started the trip without knowing where she's going,or how Andrew wanted to protect her from the beginning even if he didn't know her.
Camryn..Well,at the beginning i didn't know what to expect.She was nice,but nice is not what people really expect from a character.But,everything changed and that was when the book really got better.And of course when she met was much better.
I loved Andrew.He is the kind of guy who wants to do everything and enjoy the life even if other think he's doing in the wrong way.
Sometimes when you find a story like this you start wondering if you ever could do the same as the main characters.Well,not everything,but at least some things.I couldn't.Since i know maybe i won't be brave enough to do that i'm happy that there are authors who write this kind of stories.And i love them for that.
The Edge Of Never is the kind of book who makes you want to do things that you only think about,but never did.A story in which the main characters are doing what their heart tell them and in the end they end up saving each other.
This is a true love story and a lesson for those who never fall in love.But in a way this is a lesson for those who are not brave enough to do the things they want.
Every person who read this book liked it.I Loved It.And i'm happy that i read it.
When i read the last chapters i was shocked and speechless.I almost shouted out loud that it wasn't fair,but in the end what happened was exactly what i wanted.
What mattered for me was that there was an happy ending and i'm grateful for that.
After everything that happened between Andrew and Camryn-how they met,how they ended up traveling together and what happened with Andrew-i was so happy that i couldn't think about anything else for awhile.
This is the kind of book that after you read you end up doing things you never thought you will do.

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