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Review:Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

HopelessHopeless by Colleen Hoover
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was one of the best books i read.The book made me laugh,smile and cry,but in the end left me breathless and speechless.

It's not the first book written by Colleen that i read.The first one was Slammed-which i loved,and then Point Of Retreat.Those books made me love Colleen's stories ,but now after i read Hopeless i want more.

If i think about everything that happened in this boo i have to say that the only way i can describe it is:amazing:
The story was pretty intense,even if it starts normal-or that's how i see it.
At first when i started reading i thought that maybe like Slammed and Point Of Retreat,Hopeless will be beautiful and simple.But i was really wrong.

This is the kind of book that after you read it you can't stop thinking about.You will smile and get mad.You will laugh out loud and cry.But what really matters is that you will love every chapter.Every word.Adn everything.Well,at least that happened to me.
Sky was her entire life homeschooled and protected by her mother.The only friend she had was the girl next door.Somehow her friend convinced Sky's mother to enroll Sky at the local High school..and that's when Sky's life changes.
Until the moment Sky met Dean Holder everything was ok,but let's face it when a guy enters in the girls life everything is more fun.

This guy..Well,it wasn't the perfect meeting,but somehow i knew there was something about him.Something good,but what i never thought was that he was hiding something important.

How many times a girl's life can change?

So many emotions.There were moments when i laughed out loud.There were moments when i forgot to breath.And there were moments when i wanted to cry.
The mixed emotions i felt when i read about Sky's past overwhelmed me.I didn't know what to believe,but honestly i don't regret reading the book.Yeah,usually when a story starts like this one always has something bad in the middle ,but the end is a good one.

At first i didn't like Dean very much because of his attitude,but the way he acted and all the things he did for Sky..He was charming and gorgeous,but sometimes they way her reacted made me think that he is not the kind of character i like.Well,that changed.Sometimes i thought that his actions were wrong,but he knew what he was doing.I judged him too fast.

What made me like him even more was the way he protected and loved Sky,and the fact that he never gave up looking for her.
Beautiful but at the same time a heartbreaking story.

The subject-what happened to Sky when she was a child-is very rare(or maybe i didn't find books like this one..only one or two),but when authors use it and write a book like this one it will make you cry,but when the main character is starting to really be happy it will make you smile and hope that something like that will never happen to the people you love.

Sky's friends-her only friends before she found out about Dean and Lesslie-Six and Breckin were the ones that made me wish i had best friends like them.They made me laugh every time when they tried to make Sky happy.And Karen..Well,all she did was to help Sky and i hoped every time that Sky will understand,so i think i kind of "Yey"-ed when she did that.

Holder found his Hope and Sky found out the meaning of being Hopeless.

Roller coaster of emotions.Breath Taking and beautiful.Hopeless is the kind of book that will take your breath away and won't let you forget.

Truly amazing and Epic!

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