duminică, 5 august 2012


As if sensing his presence, Isabelle rolled sideways against him, her soft cheek against his shoulder. “Simon?” she said groggily.

“Yeah.” He touched her face lightly.

“You came.” She stretched her arm across his chest, moving so that her head fit against his shoulder. “I didn’t think you would.”

His fingers traced patterns on her arm. “Of course I came.”

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Antonia Calina spunea...

La inceput nu mi-am dat seama ca este vorba despre Simon si Isabelle din Instrumente mortale. Citatele sunt dragute , cam ca toate citatele luate dintr-o carte scrisa de Casssandra Clare.

Blacky spunea...

E un citat din City Of Lost Souls.Mai nou nu prea stiu ce sa pun la rubrica Quotes.Sunt prea multe citate care imi plac.