miercuri, 29 august 2012

Clockwork Princess snippet!

Will began to move toward the door to join Charlotte. Halfway there, he turned back, and crossed the room to Tessa: “Please,” he said, “while I am with him, would you do something for me?”

Tessa looked up and swallowed. He was too close, too close: all the lines, shape

s, angles of Will filled her field of vision as the sound of his voice filled her ears. “Yes, certainly,” she said. “What is it?”

2 comentarii:

Antonia Calina spunea...

Nu-i corect , vreau sa apara odata volumul 3 . Toate fragmentele astea ma omoara incet-incet.

Blacky spunea...

Acelasi lucru spun si eu de fiecare data cand apare un citat nou.Mai ales ca sunt cateva in care este vorba de Tessa si Will.