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Once Playlist!

Autoarea Anna Carey a postat pe blogul ei playlist-ul volumului 2 din seria Eve.Cele doua volume au aparut la noi in tara la editura Leda.Va recomand sa cititi macar primul volum.Chiar merita!Inca nu am pus mana pe volumul doi,insa din cate am auzit este destul de bun.Mai jos gasiti playlist-ul.
1.) Skinny Love (cover by Birdy)

This cover crushes me. It reminds me of the torturous place Eve’s in at the beginning of the novel.
2.) Swan Dive by Ani DiFranco 
I’ve been obsessed with this song since high school. There’s a moment in the first part of the book when Eve sets out to find Caleb, and this song reminds me of that. It’s about risking everything for the person you love.
3.) Crosses by Jose Gonzalez 
The imagery in this song reminds me of the first night Eve goes to meet Caleb in the City, how the streets are dark, how there are shadows in the windows above. His is the reassuring voice that sees her through.
4.) So Alive by Ryan Adams 
This song is all energy. I love the lines “Stand beside me, stand beside me.” (Apologies in advance for all the intense Ryan Adams close ups)
5.) Sleepyhead by Passion pit (the acoustic version) 
Sleepyhead was originally one of my favorite dance songs, but when I heard the acoustic version it nearly made me cry. Slowed down it’s so tender and intimate. The lyrics capture this simple, private moment between two people.
6.) The Trapeze Swinger by Iron & Wine 
Eve makes a series of painful decisions over the course of the novel, and this reminds me of one of them. The line “Please, remember me” is repeated eight times.
7.) Breathe Me by Sia
This song is SAD. All caps, period at the end. There’s a moment at the end of ONCE where Eve is in intense pain, and this song reminds me of that.
8.) Seven Devils by Florence and the Machine 
No EVE playlist would be complete without a Florence and the Machine song. This one builds to a slow, simmering rage. It perfectly captures Eve’s feelings in the last chapter of the book.
Am luat playlist-ul de pe site-ul autoarei,unde explica pentru fiecare de ce le-a ales.
Vreau si eu sa citesc Sacrificiul..Ceva pareri?Imi puteti spune daca este la fel de buna cartea ca prima..Uh.
Sursa: Anna Carey.

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Antonia Calina spunea...

Melodiile sunt foarte frumoase . Unele dintre ele fac parte si din playlist-ul meu. In legatura cu Sacrificiul , astept sa-mi vina comanda de pe ca sa pot sa-l citesc si eu .

Blacky spunea...

Eu inca nu mi-am comandat cartea.Mai astept putin,chiar daca nu mai am rabdare.