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Ziua M.V:Shane.

Am ajuns la Shane.Nu e chiar asa de greu sa iti inchipui cum ar arata el.Avand in vedere faptul ca el si Michael sunt singurele personaje masculine pe care nu am ajuns sa le urasc,alegerea mea pentru Shane este destul de buna.

Steven R. McQueen.

Shane Collins is Michael's best friend and Claire's boyfriend as of The Dead Girls' Dance. He is one of the Glass House residents and is a Morganville native. He is hotheaded with a penchant for getting in trouble, often by his own doing. Regardless, he is very protective, a quality which extends especially to Claire, Michael, and Eve. He has a fierce hatred for vampires which causes strife especially between him and Michael, but has slowly started to accept that not all vampires are bad, like Michael. He initially returned to Morganville on a mission from his father to find out ways to kill the vampires. He despises Monica Morrell because she killed his sister Alyssa in a house fire. Soon after the fire, Shane and his parents left Morganville, hoping to escape the reminder of Alyssa's death. Shane's family quickly began to fall apart. His father's alcoholism worsened, causing him to become abusive, and his mother's memory block began to fail, allowing her to remember Morganville and the vampires. It is heavily implied that she was killed by vampires at Amelie's bidding, though the death was made to look like a suicide. Shane and his father believe that the vampires killed her for remembering Morganville, leading them on a vengeful path to destroy the vampires. Shane eventually rejects his father's violent agenda, furthering the rift between them. Claire's parents don't particularly like Shane because they find him too old for her, believing him a bad influence who will hinder her and take advantage of her. Despite his devotion to her, Shane can be territorial about Claire and resents Claire and Myrnin's close relationship as student-teacher, believing that Myrnin has romantic feelings for her. Shane frequently struggles with his anger and has been known to cave to his urges toward fighting and violence, which becomes especially problematic in Bite Club, although since then it appears that he is genuinely trying to change his behavior. He tries to kill himself in "Last Breath" because of the death of his beloved Claire, but is stopped by the ghost of girlfriend, Claire. He is described as very tall with a lot of muscle. He is very good looking and has brown eyes and hair.

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