marți, 8 mai 2012

Ziua M.V: Sam.

Sam.Il ador pe Sam!De la inceput mi-a placut de Sam,si mi s-a parut ciudat cand am aflat ca este bunicul lui Michael,dar am trecut peste!Cum mi l-am imaginat pe Sam...vedeti poza mai jos.

Xavier Samuel

Sam Glass is Michael Glass' vampire grandfather. He helps Claire out a lot. He also loves the founder, Amelie. He wants to try and make things better for everyone. He hates Bishop, because Bishop is cruel to Amelie. Sam is one of the kindest vampires, and often prefers human company, in one case he saves Claire Danvers from getting raped in The Dead Girls' Dance. He has red hair and freckles with the same blue eyes as his grandson Michael. Sam later dies in Carpe Corpuse by being drained of blood by Mr. Bishop.

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