marți, 8 mai 2012

Ziua M.V : Monica Morrell.

Nu sunt o mare fana a Monicai,insa si pentru ea am gasit actrita perfecta.Din fericire inca nu am intalnit vreo persoana care sa aiba comportamentul Monicai sau pe aprope,ceea ce e foarte bine!.

Numele actritei este Janel Parrish si joaca in Pretty Little Liars.

Monica Morrell is a beautiful, yet cruel, sociopathic college student who is Claire's initial antagonist in the series. Her father (and then later her brother, Richard) is the human mayor of the secretly vampire-controlled city. She hates Claire because Claire made her look stupid in front of some cool guys. A few years ago she was mad at Shane and burned down his house which killed his sister, or at least that's what everyone believes while she profusely denies doing so. Nearly whenever Monica has an encounter with Claire, she's mean to her.

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