marți, 8 mai 2012

Ziua M.V : Amelie.

Daca ati citit seria atunci stiti perfect cine este Amelie,daca nu atunci...
Amelie este fondatoarea orasului Morganville si cel mai batran vampir.Pentru mine Amelie arata asa,cel putin aceasta actrita mi se pare perfecta.

Kelly Rowan.

Pe Kelly am vazut-o prima oara in serialul O.C California. cand am inceput sa citesc seria Vampirii din Morganville am ajuns la concluzia ca mi-ar placea sa o vad pe Kelly jucand rolul lui Amelie.

Amelie, a vampire, is the founder of Morganville. Her vampire and blood line father is Bishop even though she hates him. She is also Claire's Patron. She is also the lover of Michael Glass's grandfather Sam Glass but at the end of ghost town she starts to fall in love with Oliver. She is described to be very short and lean woman with silvery blond hair and has an icy personality. Claire nicknames her "ice queen". As with all vampires, she looks very young but is almost over 1500 years of age. She becomes depressed after Sam's death. She is considered to be the high queen of Morganville. Amelie has shown throughout the series a connection to Claire; she seems to see her as a daughter. She is willing to do things Claire's way and shows she feels a growing sense of affection for Claire, though she seldom shows it.

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