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How do you learn to love death when you are so afraid of it? Eve Cardwell is a beautiful, stubborn eighteen year old girl, who is looking for her true self; she is tired of her "Perfect" family and all that comes with being a part of it. Eve literally stumbles upon a mysterious guy new to the area, while drunk in the woods. She soon finds out that the guy she is falling for is like no one she has ever met. Over time he reveals to her that he is the one part of life that she never wanted to meet yet alone fall in love with, and he takes her along for the ride of her life. Although things become chaotic Eve learns more about herself then she ever imagined. Can Eve really learn how to become the person she has always wanted while trying to be in love with the unlovable?


The plane crashes and Polar picks up at that exact spot, the reader learns what happened to Eve. And a lot of answers are given up, such as was Evan responsible for the plane crash? And did Eve survive.

Life is a ride that we take, sometimes with a passenger, other times all alone. How you bounce back from life tells a lot about you as a person. Some people fight to the death, others are more a part of death and never truly understand why this is so…….


When all that is right seems so wrong, how do you find a way to the answer?
Eve is still the same troubled girl. She still lets all her thoughts consume her. The view of life from her eyes is so obscured it’s hard for her to see reality some times. Once again, all life’s problems seem to be following on Eve’s heels. She knows she loves Evan and would do anything for him but with so many people in the way is that possible?
Has she gone too far and finally lost him for good? Scattered and Broken picks up where Polar left off. Eve is struggling to make sense of what happened with Carlo, and she is forced to take off with Kenny. Will she be able to find her way through all death’s problems? Or will time run out on her happy ending?



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