sâmbătă, 3 martie 2012

The Guardian's Chronicles.

The first book in the series tells the story of how an ordinary young girl gets involved in an epic struggle against Barak a fallen Guardian whose evil knows no bounds.

When Sahara reaches out her hand and objects start to come to her she believes it’s her imagination. When she hears a voice in her head she thinks she is going crazy.

When an evil face in the form of a dark cloud appears in her kitchen she realizes there is something seriously wrong.
Now the voice in her head is her is leading her towards the unknown.

Barak makes an appearance while Sahara is in London and hints that there is something big afoot.

After a strike in Afghanistan that leaves hundreds of thousands fleeing their homes and seeking refuge Romero warns Sahara that this move is a smoke screen and Barak is planning something far more sinister.

A forbidden romance will shock Sahara and the results will reverberate for all eternity.

With the world still in turmoil Barak finally makes his move robbing mankind of his faith leaving the human race lost and angry.

Trying to rectify the situation results in a catastrophic event but not content with that Barak doles out his final act of revenge that leaves Sahara devastated.

Now Sahara is out to destroy Barak at all cost.

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