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Mortal Instruments Characters Info.

Isabelle "Izzy" Lightwood is a Shadowhunter and lives in the New York Institute. She is rebellious and often dates Downworlders to get attention. She is sometimes standoffish, and has only recently begun to make female friends whom she does not see as competition. She is also very beautiful. Her cooking is often made fun of by Jace and Alec. Her signature weapon is an antique whip that she is quite skilled with. And though Isabelle looks tall and beautiful, she is a very dangerous foe. She loves fashion, as shown when she offered (and forced) Clary to wear clothes that she picked for Magnus's party. Yet despite this seemingly shallow and girlish side of her personality, she is shown to take things in her responsibility, shouldering the blame for her brother Max's death, despite being unconscious at the time. She is comforted by Simon, and Simon ends up sleeping with her (not sexually) in an attempt to calm her down. Then she casually dates Simon--who is also dating Maia at the same time--and finds out. She discovers that she may be in love with Simon, but won't admit it. 

 Clary Fray is incredibly stubborn and determined, much like her parents. Like all Shadowhunters, she possesses strength superior to that of an average human. Because of an experiment Valentine unintentionally performed on her before birth—infusing angel blood inside her as an unborn baby(through drinks containing angel blood which he gave her mother)—she also has the ability to create new runes and to amplify ordinary runes with her stele, giving them incredible power. Jace once called her "the hot-tempered redhead"
 ' Jonathan Christopher "Jace" Wayland/Morgenstern is a Shadowhunter living at the New York Institute with his adopted family. Jace's legal name changes throughout the series, from Jace Wayland (when his father was thought to be Michael Wayland, but it was only Valentine pretending to be), to Jonathan Morgenstern (son of Valentine), to Jace Herondale (father Stephen Herondale, he is a Herondale by blood), however Clary tells him his name is Jace Lightwood, because his true family is the Lightwoods. The nickname "Jace" was given to him by Maryse Lightwood after his (fake) initials J.C (Jonathan Christopher), when he first began living with her and her family, because of his dislike for his name. Jace's sarcastic and cold remarks and behavior hides his tortured and angry demeanor, and his sarcasm is like his foster father's (Valentine). He and Clary fall in love in City of Bones, but after they find out they are siblings there are awkward situations through the next two books, what with Clary's headstrong refusal to be left out of conflicts, and both's attempts to get over each other by going out with other people. Then in the end of the third book, City of Glass, they find out that, in reality, they are not siblings and can at last be together.

 Magnus Bane is the High Warlock of Brooklyn. He was the warlock who signed the mind of Clary Fray after being asked to help erase her early memories by her mother. He first meets the other Shadowhunters at one of his Downworlder parties. He has Clary get him the Book of White, and agrees to help revive her mother with it. At one point, he says he is 800 years old, but Cassandra Clare said on her twitter he was actually born in 1640, making him roughly 367 when the Mortal Instruments books take place.

 Maia Roberts is a biracial teenager living in a New Jersey suburban neighborhood. Her brother, Daniel, was beautiful and abusive, though her parents never believed her, even when he broke the younger girl's arm. This treatment leads to Maia hating and fearing beautiful boys, even after her brother is killed in a hit and run. In tenth-eleventh grade, Maia met Jordan, a boy who she thought would not really have an interest in her, but to her surprise they ended up going out. He eventually became over-controlling, though, and she broke up with him. He got angry at this, pushing her over until she ran inside her house and slammed the door. Later, a wolf attacks her on her way home. She screams, and before others come to help, she hears Jordan's voice saying, "You're mine now. You'll always be mine." Jordan soon packs up and leaves, and apparently Maia is only half surprised when she turns into a werewolf in the next full moon. She runs away from home, and then joins the wolfpack in New York. She becomes associated with the Shadowhunters, and develops a crush on Simon, and in City of Glass is in competition with Isabelle for his attention.
 Alexander "Alec" Lightwood is a Shadowhunter living in the New York Institute with his siblings. He is the oldest and is quieter than both Isabelle, his sister, and Jace, his best friend and adoptive brother. Alec is 18, making him legally an 'adult,' allowing him permission to attend Clave meetings. He was first jealous of Clary because he knew that Jace liked Clary. While he still loves Jace, he realizes that he cannot have him and starts to date and fall in love with Magnus Bane. He is said to wear faded sweaters with holes in them.
Simon Lewis is Clary's best friend. He accompanies Clary in her adventures though at one point he was only a "mundane", or human. In City of Bones, he is kidnapped by vampires after being turned into a rat. Later, in City of Ashes, he begins to feel some side effects as a result of biting Raphael, the temporary head vampire, in the Hotel Dumort. He returns later to the hotel and gives himself over to some of the vampires. After he stops the vampires from killing Simon, Raphael returns him to the institute. Faced with the choice of either killing Simon or letting him become a vampire, Clary and Jace decide to not kill him but instead let him be reborn as a vampire. Later on in City of Ashes, he becomes a "Daylighter" after being drained of most of his blood on Valentine's ship by Valentine so he can complete his Conversion on Maellartach The Soul-Sword. Jace finds Simon on the brink of death and allows him to drink his blood to revive him. The larger quantity of Angel blood in Jace's body then allows Simon to stand in high sun with no risk of burning. After Max's death, Isabelle becomes distraught, blaming herself for not listening to him and for not being there for her little brother. She refused to see anyone, finally allowing Simon to come in. Simon comforts Isabelle, trying to convince her that Max's death wasn't her fault, and eventually ends up sleeping with her, much to his surprise, although they did nothing sexual. In City of Fallen Angels, it is revealed that he is dating both Maia and Isabelle, either of each does not know of.

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