sâmbătă, 14 mai 2011

DARK DAYS of Supernatural - Summer Tour 2011

Paranormal thrillers. Supernatural romance. Haunting mysteries. Dystopian thrillers. Brace yourself for the DARK DAYS ahead! Check out the video trailer for THE DARK DAYS OF SUPERNATURAL - SUMMER EDITION and discover seven new books from acclaimed authors APRILYNNE PIKE (Illusions), ELLEN SCHREIBER (Vampire Kisses), and KIM HARRISON (Something Deadly This Way Comes) as well as from debut authors VERONICA ROTH (Divergent), AMY PLUM (Die for Me), JOSEPHINE ANGELINI (Starcrossed), and TARA HUDSON (Hereafter)—all on tour this summer! http://www.pitchdark.com

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